PDI PowerWave 2 Busway

The PDI PowerWave 2 Busway, an Eaton Company, provides a flexible, simple-to-install, highly configurable and intelligent overhead power busway distribution system with the safest features for data centers. The PowerWave 2 System is easy-to-use and highly reliable and provides a continuous open channel busway system deployed in 250A, 400A, 600A, 800A and 1000A systems.

The PowerWave 2 has been engineered to make deployment rapid and safe for electrical contractors and is packed with safety features, including ASME standard silver plating on every conductor and contact point. Originally developed for military applications, the plating reduces contact resistance by nearly 50 percent over industry standard tin plating — reducing heat build-up and decreasing temperature variability at contact points to achieve industry leading busway power distribution reliability. The PowerWave 2 Busway end-feed provides accurate high speed monitoring and alerting of key electrical performance metrics.

PDI PowerWave 2 Busway Features

  • Continuous open channel design allows tap-off boxes to be placed anywhere along the bus rails
  • Countless layout options — including custom lengths for rails, 90° elbows, and 90° and 180° tees — enable the system to be incorporated into virtually any facility
  • Various mounting style options allow the PowerWave 2 to be oriented vertically or horizontally — overcoming space constraints with the ability to fit over a rack or under the floor
  • Rugged yet lightweight ToughRail Technology® system design allows for easy handling and installation with up to 60 percent savings in time and labor over competitive cable and conduit solutions
  • Visual indicators effectively support the secure installation of the busway system, while hangers are engineered to work with standard Unistrut® Channel Nuts
  • Easy-to-install coupler (using only a Phillips head screwdriver and Allen wrench) makes deployment fast and easy
  • Minimal lifting required since coupler is installed after bus rails have been hung 
  • End-feed power monitoring allows for proactive management of power usage and availability, with data including: phase current, voltage L-L, voltage L-N, frequency,
    crest factor, total harmonic distortion, power (kW, kVA, kVAR), power factor, energy consumption (kWh) and per end-feed
  • Ability to set threshold alarms for maximum or minimum values for each feature
  • Standard protocols of modbus RTU, modbus TCP/IP, and SNMP can be output to deliver power data to building management systems or DCIM software, with capabilities to provide power monitoring data to remote locations
  • Finger-safe bus rails completely isolate conductors during installation and removal of tap-off boxes, keeping personnel safe while maintaining power to mission-critical loads

PDI PowerWave 2 Busway Specifications

Input/output: 3-phase, 4-wire plus ground. Optional isolated or dedicated ground
Ampacity: 250 A, 400 A, 600 A, 800 A, 1000 A
Voltage: 600 VAC maximum
Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Neutral rating: 100% or 150% neutral
Tap off box rating: 128 Amps maximum per phase
Protection: IP2X finger-safe
Short circuit ratings
• 250 A: 42 kA @ 120/208 VAC, 35 kA @ 277/480 VAC, 22 kA @ 347/600 VAC
• 400 A: 42 kA @ 120/208 VAC, 35 kA @ 277/480 VAC, 22 kA @ 347/600 VAC
• 600 A: 42 kA up to 600 VAC
• 800 A: 42 kA up to 600 VAC
• 1000 A: 42 kA up to 600 VAC
Voltage drop: 2 V per 100 ft. [30.5 m]

For more in-depth specification, see the data sheet

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