Liebert TFX PDU

Liebert TFX PDUThe Vertiv Liebert TFX PDU, Power Distribution Unit, is designed to provide 150-300 kVA power in small to mid-sized data centers and offers reliable and configurable power distribution in a compact unit. The TFX fits through doorways and into service or freight elevators, and can be easily installed in remote environments with limited space. Featuring intuitive power monitoring and isolated panelboards for safe onsite maintenance, the Liebert TFX is a dependable solution for single or two-stage power applications.

The TFX is a floor-mounted power distribution unit offering reliable single or two-stage power in small to mid-sized data centers, server rooms, network closets, and modular and containerized deployments. It is ideally suited for edge data centers and other remote facilities. The compact 36-inch-depth cabinet offers easy mobility. It fits through doors or in freight elevators, and can be installed next to walls or in corners or alcoves. The unit features an intelligent distribution power monitoring (DPM) system with a 9-inch color touchscreen display and an easy-to-program navigation menu to manage equipment loads. The power monitoring system integrates with your BMS to provide remote monitoring of critical power measurements and alarms. Isolated panelboards allow your engineers to safely perform onsite maintenance on low-voltage monitoring components without powering down the unit. The made-to-order PDU is customized according to your power needs. The Liebert TFX accommodates both single and dual-stage distribution setups, and can be supplemented with Liebert FLX expansion cabinets for additional power capacity.

Liebert TFX PDU Features

  • Provides reliable power distribution for small to mid-sized facilities
  • Ideally suited for edge data centers and other remote deployments 
  • Can be easily installed in facilities with limited space
  • Fits through doorways and into service elevators
  • Customized configuration according to the power needs of the facility
  • Intelligent monitoring system provides local remote power management, with accurate power consumption metering

Liebert TFX PDU Popular Models Include;

150kVA   600VAC, 480VAC   208Y/120VAC, 415Y/240VAC  
200kVA   600VAC, 480VAC   208Y/120VAC, 415Y/240VAC  
225kVA   600VAC, 480VAC   208Y/120VAC, 415Y/240VAC  
250kVA   600VAC, 480VAC   208Y/120VAC, 415Y/240VAC  
300kVA   600VAC, 480VAC   208Y/120VAC, 415Y/240VAC  

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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