Vertiv Powerbar iMPB

Vertiv Powerbar iMPBThe Vertiv Powerbar iMPB is a medium power encased track busway system that offers a variety of capacity and connection configurations to meet IT rack equipment requirements. With a range of 160-800A, this aluminum chassis IP2X-rated busway provides optimal flexibility and is ideal for dynamic data center environments.

The modular Powerbar iMPB allows businesses to cost-effectively optimize and adapt power distribution infrastructure over time. User friendly tap-off boxes can be placed anywhere along the busway for easy integration into any data center layout and speedy scalability. The adaptive busway design also maximizes availability with continuous power delivery to critical loads even during upgrades and changes.

Powerbar iMPB Features

  • Finger/touch safe IP2X certified
  • Modular design/Live plug and play system 
  • Open-channel track allows for tap-off boxes to be placed anywhere along the busway
  • Industry’s most reliable, and user friendly plug-in tap-off box design that has mechanical and electrical interlocks utilizing a ground-first, break-last safety feature
  • Continuous power delivery is enabled with hot-swappable tap-off boxes having breaker protection that isolates active IT loads as well as close proximity branch breakers that support proper administration  
  • Ideal for data centers with slab or raised floors
  • Variety of capacity and connection configurations support changing needs with minimal outside support needed
  • 100% continuous rated busway track
  • Copper busway up to 600A and aluminum busway up to 800A
  • Up to 13′ length as standard with longer lengths available
  • Maximized cooling airflow to IT equipment racks
  • Available in 160, 250, 400, 600, and 800A ratings
  • Available in single or dual busway configurations
  • Certified to UL857 & CSA22.22 


For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet

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