EcoStruxure IT Advisor

EcoStruxure IT AdvisorEcoStruxure IT Advisor, by Schneider Electric, is a vendor-neutral planning and modeling software that can help cut energy consumption, reduce Capex and lower downtime risk.

EcoStruxure IT provides insight into where your facility is today, but EcoStruxure IT Advisor gives insight into where your facility could be tomorrow. The modeling software makes it easy to look at the what-ifs before they happen.

EcoStruxure IT Advisor Features

  • Asset management for accurate inventory and model for your data center assets.
  • Proactively handle incidents using the Impact Analysis report, giving you insights into how cooling or equipment failures may impact your data center.
  • Gain tenant-specific insights by visualizing specific areas, cages, racks and color-coded IT assets according to status. Maximize capacity by running floor and rack utilization reports.
  • Vendor-neutral software for simple management of your entire data center. You choose the devices and manage them all in a single system.
  • Analytics provide insights from data center key performance indicators through easily configured web dashboards, displaying customizable management-level information.
  • Capacity management for optimized, intelligent planning allows you to easily find, place, and reserve space for new asset installations.
  • Change management to move, add, change and delete IT equipment.
  • Use automated workflows to ensure that human error is minimized, and best practices are deployed across all work orders.

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