Data Center Electrical Efficiency Assessment

The Data Center Electrical Efficiency Assessment provides analysis of the data center power and cooling infrastructure to determine the operating efficiency of the data center. A Schneider Electric Professional Services Consultant will document the existing infrastructure, determine the efficiency and provide an accurate assessment of the factors limiting the achievable efficiency of the data center. The service consultant will provide a comprehensive report that will make recommendations for changes to maximize efficiency including:

  • The assessment and analysis of the existing electrical efficiency in the data center
  • The breakdown of losses into power, cooling, and lighting losses
  • The breakdown of the cooling system losses into Computer Room Air Conditioners/Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAC/CRAH), humidification and outdoor heat rejection losses
  • The breakdown of the power system losses into Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and power distribution
  • Detailed recommendations to improve the efficiency of the data center
  • Projected efficiency gains for each recommended improvement

Benefits of a Data Center Electrical Efficiency Assessment

  • Comprehensive data center efficiency assessment report documents efficiency values for the data center and provides detailed recommendations for efficiency improvement
  • Measurement of actual data center power flows document the existing power flows in the data center infrastructure and identifies inefficient systems
  • Recommendations to improve efficiency and lower energy costs while maintaining or improving availability
  • Breakout of IT power consumption from total data center power consumption determines the amount of electricity consumed by the data center for every watt of power drawn by the IT equipment. This facilitates apportionments of the total electrical costs, including cooling, to the IT systems, and back-billing to users
  • Estimated efficiency gains enable return on investment calculations for capital expenditures and optimizing operating expenditure for power usage in the data center

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