Network Closet Assessment

Are You Getting The Most From Your Wiring Closet?

The Power Solutions Network Closet Assessment service provides an assessment and analysis of the critical infrastructure components of your network wiring closet including: power systems, cooling systems, rack configurations and room analysis. Power Solutions will supply you with the information necessary to manage your network closet for optimum performance, extend the life of your hardware, and ensure the highest level of network availability.CLoset Assessment

Benefits of a Network Closet Assessment

  • Measurement of existing environmental conditions indicate areas where temperatures are not within tolerances.
  • Network closet power, cooling and space utilization analysis verifies wiring closet power and cooling loads and identifies the key infrastructure constraints that limit full space utilization.
  • Recommendations to optimize infrastructure utilization will identify methods to maximize availability and the efficient use of power, cooling, and space.
  • Documentation of network closet equipment provides an inventory of equipment for sizing power and cooling requirements, identifying current capabilities, and planning for future expansion.

The Power Solutions professional services consultants who perform the Network Closet Assessment service will visit your site and collect data pertaining to:

  • Environmental and physical conditions

The Power Solutions Network Closet Assessment will assure that the physical and environmental area housing the network system equipment falls within industry and manufacturer established tolerances.  Temperature ranges, environmental conditions and proper cooling are key to system health and operation.

  • Critical infrastructure conditions, capacity and utilization

Oftentimes, restriction on space allowances negatively impact the Network Closet.  The Power Solutions assessment team will analyze space limitations in the existing infrastructure and reconfigure to maximize usable space in the most organized, efficient and effective ways possible.

  • Critical network closet equipment information

Having easily accessed and readily available documentation with respect to inventory sizing, power and cooling requirements will aid in the ability to quickly identify issues and capabilities as well as plan effectively for future expansion and growth.

Network Closet Assessment Results

With the data from your Network Closet Assessment, Power Solutions will develop a comprehensive report that will identify potential risks to uptime and will include three levels of specific options for maintaining, optimizing or maximizing your network wiring closet. The report will:

  • Evaluate installation and availability of existing equipment and make recommendations for conformance to industry standards.
  • Offer several options to correct identified deficiencies with respect to equipment and cable/rack organization and identification.
  • Explain how to optimize existing conditions for both temperature and air flow distribution.
  • Suggest changes to increase infrastructure capabilities by maximizing usable space configurations.
  • Identify and recommend expansion capabilities.

Be proactive and avoid potential downtime by scheduling your Power Solutions Network Closet Assessment today.

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