Data Center Power and Cooling Assessment

The Schneider Electric Data Center Power and Cooling Assessment Service provides an assessment and analysis of your data center facility and critical physical infrastructure components – including power systems, cooling systems, and rack configurations. Schneider Electric will supply you with the information necessary to manage your facilities for optimum performance, extend the life of your hardware and strive for the highest level of network availability.

The Power and Cooling Assessment Service offers a detailed review of your data center. A Schneider Electric professional services consultant will visit the site and collect data pertaining to:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Critical infrastructure capacity and utilization
  • Cooling distribution and effectiveness
  • Condition of power and cooling equipment

With this data, Schneider Electric will develop a comprehensive report that will include recommendations to:

  • Address your specific concerns
  • Correct deficiencies
  • Optimize existing conditions
  • Increase infrastructure capabilities
  • Extend data center service life

Benefits of a Data Center Power and Cooling Assessment

  • A Comprehensive Data Center Assessment report provides power and cooling utilization analysis and identifies key infrastructure constraints that inhibit full space utilization
  • The measurement of existing conditions indicates areas where temperature and humidity levels are not within tolerances established by industry standards and equipment manufacturers
  • Measurement of the data center electrical infrastructure loads provides an accurate assessment of the actual data center power and heat loads and identifies excessive load conditions that can compromise existing reliability
  • Measurement of present temperature conditions using thermal imaging provides visual representation of excessive rack inlet temperatures and other potential hot spots within the data center
  • Recommendations to optimize infrastructure utilization identify methods to maximize availability and the efficient use of power, cooling, and spac

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