Modular Power Revitalization Service (MPRS) for Symmetra LX

Symmetra LX MPRS

Extend The Reliable Life Of Your Modular Single Phase UPS

Aging happens, and your critical data center infrastructure, especially hardware, is not exempt. As your system ages the risk of unexpected issues or downtime increases. There are options to extend the life of your UPS system. Modular Power Revitalization Service (MPRS) for Symmetra LX is a cost-effective service approach designed for the Symmetra LX system that essentially gives your system a refresh.

The Schneider Electric Critical Power and Cooling Solutions (CPCS) Modular Power Revitalization Service (MPRS) for Symmetra LX provides a comprehensive on-site UPS refresh service for modular single-phase UPS systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Replacement of the power modules, intelligence modules, fans and other parts inside your UPS with brand new, factory replacement parts, creating an essentially new UPS at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire UPS. We use quality components, direct from the manufacturer, that are specifically designed and updated to produce maximum reliability for your system.
  • MPRS minimizes downtime by putting the existing UPS into maintenance bypass mode while the service is being completed.  The utility is still feeding power to the critical load while the parts are being replaced, saving hours of potential downtime.
  • MPRS includes the UPS components, on-site service labor, travel expenses, disposal and one year of Next Business Day Single Phase Advantage Plan coverage.
  • MPRS extends the service life of your UPS equipment from 10 years to 13 years.  Schneider Electric will cover single phase UPS equipment under contract until year 10 after installation.  If an MPRS is completed between years 7 and 10, Schneider Electric will extend service coverage out to year 13.
  • Includes a complete battery replacement.
  • On site delivery of the components and scheduling of the replacement service are coordinated to suit your requirements. Standard service is performed during normal business hours with upgrades to off-hours scheduling available.

Modular Power Revitalization Service (MPRS) for Symmetra LX is the ideal solution for customers who want to extend the useful life of their modular single-phase UPS up to an additional 5 years. MPRS provides you with peace of mind, knowing your system is being safely updated by on-site certified service professionals and will continue to operate at peak performance.

Popular MPRS Service SKUs include:

WMPRS1B-LX-01 – MPRS for 4kVA Symmetra LX
WMPRS2B-LX-02 – MPRS for 8kVA Symmetra LX
WMPRS3B-LX-03 – MPRS for 12KVA Symmetra LX
WMPRS4B-LX-04 – MPRS for 16kVA Symmertra LX
WMPRS5B-LX-05 – MPRS for 20kVA Symmetra LX

Also available, Modular Power Revitalization Service (MPRS) for Symmetra PX UPS systems of any size including N+1 or N+2 configurations.

For more information about the Modular Power Revitalization Service for Symmetra LX,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].