Schneider Electric Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services for MGE

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For MGE UPS Equipment, battery service is a vital component of any UPS maintenance program since even one failed battery can compromise an entire system. Schneider Electric Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services for MGE Equipment offers regular inspections that can detect early signs of deterioration and be proactively managed before a failure occurs. When the time comes for a full battery replacement, we can coordinate delivery and installation with minimum disruption to your business.

Schneider Electric Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services for MGE Equipment Service Options:

  • Battery Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Battery Replacement for Modular Batteries
  • Battery Replacement for Standard Batteries


Battery Preventive Maintenance Services

The Schneider Electric Battery Preventive Maintenance service provides comprehensive inspection of the battery system ensuring optimum battery life and system performance. This service includes all labor and travel expenses with a 7×24 scheduling option, including weekends and holidays. Parts and replacement batteries are not included. The Battery Preventive Maintenance Service can be purchased stand-alone or in conjunction with any service agreement from Schneider Electric CPCS. The service visits are available monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually according to preference.

  • Includes labor and travel to allow for fixed service cost and budget stability
  • Highly skilled Field Service Engineers diagnose any issues with your battery system
  • Proactive maintenance assures peak battery functionality based on manufacturer’s specifications
  • Inspection of surrounding environment protects the viability and performance of the battery system
  • Flexible scheduling options support unique business requirements
  • Site report provides a battery system assessment and recommendations guaranteeing optimum availability and battery run time.


Battery Replacement Service – Modular Batteries

The Schneider Electric Modular Battery Replacement Service (MBRS) provides and easy to order, comprehensive on site battery replacement service for the Galaxy 3500 and other eligible MGE products and includes the following:

  • Ability to purchase the required amount of battery modules
  • Schneider Electric certified service professional on-site to perform all work
  • Battery swap out and system configuration
  • Removal and trucking of the waste batteries to an approved recycling center
  • Environmental regulatory compliant battery recycling

Modular Battery Replacement Service is the perfect solution for customers not wanting to deal with the hassle of replacing their own modular batteries. MBRS provides peace of mind, knowing an on-site certified service professional is safely replacing your system batteries. With the included removal and disposal service, environmentally friendly recycling and disposal of your old batteries is hassle-free.


Battery Replacement Service – Standard Batteries

The Schneider Electric Battery Replacement Service provides full battery replacement for your standard batteries. The Battery Replacement Service provides Schneider Electric authorized technicians on location to replace all system batteries. Labor and travel are included with this service.

  • Schneider Electric Field Service Engineer will replace defective batteries with new batteries approved by the manufacturer. Schneider Electric will properly remove and replace the old batteries in accordance with local legislation
  • Schneider Electric Field Service Engineer will configure and calibrate the UPS DC bus and personalize to factory specifications if applicable
  • Schneider Electric Field Service Engineer will complete functional tests after the service intervention validating that the battery system is functioning to factory specification
  • A report will be provided at the conclusion of the service visit

For more information about Schneider Electric Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services for MGE Equipment,
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