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ABB GE Critical Power LP33ABB/GE Critical Power has announced that the LP33 is at it’s End Of Life (EOL) as of January, 2020. The recommended replacement is the ABB/GE DPA 120 ULFor more information and configuration assistance on UPS replacement, call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].

The ABB GE Critical Power LP33 Series UPS is a robust, high performance 208/120VAC UPS System suitable for a broad range of mission-critical applications including data centers, data closets, healthcare/medical, telecommunications, transportation, commercial buildings, and industrial critical processes.

The LP33 Series UPS uses double conversion technology via a true on-line VFI (voltage frequency independent) design. The IGBT Rectifier provides low input current harmonic distortion and a high input power factor to minimize input feeder sizing. The IGBT Inverter with transformerless output ensures low output voltage distortion and fast transient response to high crest factor loads or step loads.

The LP33 Series UPS can operate up to 98% efficiency when utilized in EcoMode operation. EcoMode continuously monitors the output voltage and frequency, and will instantaneously switch to double conversion mode and inverter usage during voltage and/or frequency disturbances to insure compliance with the ITI (CBEMA) curves for operation on sensitive IT server or other critical loads.

Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) can be used to parallel up to four (4) LP33 units for redundancy or capacity.  The RPA system eliminates single points of failure by using redundant controls and integral static switches eliminating centralized bypass cabinets.

GE Critical PowerNote: GE Critical Power is now part of ABB

ABB GE Critical Power LP33 Series

  • Transformerless design at 208/120VAC to reduce footprint and weight, yet increase reliability
  • Up to 98% operating efficiency obtained via the use of EcoMode operation
  • High input power factor and use of a IGBT Rectifier eliminates the use of oversized input feeders, and maximizes standby generator compatibility
  • High switching frequency IGBT Inverter provides best-in-class transient response and low output voltage distortion.
  • Compact footprint and low audible design, allows for use in most commercial and industrial buildings
  • Reliable paralleling of UPS modules via GE’s RPA design, which eliminates any and all common mode failure points
  • Intelligent Energy Management (IEM) option feature that manages UPS module loading in a parallel configuration, allowing excess UPS module capacity to turn off during light loads
  • Wide band of acceptable AC input voltage and frequency, that eliminates nuisance transfers to the battery plant, thus maximizing battery jar life
  • Internal battery management & monitoring system (SBM) that enhances battery life and reduces cost of operation.

Popular Models Include;

  • LP33-15kVA
  • LP33-20kVA
  • LP33-30kVA
  • LP33-40kVA
  • LP33-50kVA
  • LP33-60kVA
  • LP33-80kVA
  • LP33-100kVA

For more in-depth specification, see the  LP33 data sheet.


For more information about the LP33 Series,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].