ABB GE Critical Power VH Series – Single Phase UPS 1000VA – 3kVA

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VH series UPS UL Listed 700VA-2kVAThe ABB GE Critical Power VH Series UPS, 1000VA t0 3kVA, connects the utility and your critical load, helping ensure that when the utility drops or fails, your load continues to receive a clean, constant and reliable power supply. The VH Series UPS adapts to adjusting network configurations as requirements change, and with a three year warranty, the UPS provides high power and a highly reliable level of power protection.

ABB’s VH Series UPS provide the highest and most secure level of protection for all business-critical applications. With true Voltage and Frequency Independent on line, double conversion range, the UPS provides constant voltage and frequency to the critical load. With a tower and/or a rackmount design, the UPS is able to adapt to network configurations as facility load requirements change. With a three year warranty standard for both the UPS and battery, you can be assured of a highly reliable, high performance and high power level of protection.

GE Critical PowerNote: GE Critical Power is now part of ABB

ABB GE Critical Power VH Series Features

  • Operates in double conversion mode with a true on-line VFI
  • Unique high peak load handling
  • Unique 7-level battery for protection and longevity; reduces cost and improves battery life
  • Fail safe static bypass for seamless transition from UPS to street power
  • Able to support longer battery life with additional battery cabinets
  • 3 year warranty
  • 2U design for small footprint in all ratings
  • Matching battery cabinets available for longer battery life
  • Superior battery management providing battery protection and extension
  • Remote monitoring for easy access and control of unmanned or isolated sites

ABB GE Critical Power VH Series Specifications

ModelPowerPower FactorRuntime Full load (min)InputOutput
VH10001000VA/900W, 120V0.98C135-20R
VH15001500VA/1350W, 120V0.97.2C195-20R
VH20001920VA/1740W, 120V0.98C195-20R, L5-20R
VH20002000VA/1800W, 208V0.95L6-20P

(2) 6-20R,

(1) L6-20R

VH30003000VA/2700W, 120V0.94_5-20R, L5-30R
VH30003000VA/2700W, 208V0.98L6-20P(2) 6-20R, (1) L6-20R

For more in-depth specifications, see the VH Series data sheet.


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