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Alpha Continuity 1000-3000 UPSThe Alpha Continuity 1000-3000 UPS Series of convertible, indoor on-line units is equipped with a field-proven Digital Signal Processor, making it the ideal UPS system for servers, networks, storage, telecommunications and industrial equipment.

The Continuity 1000-3000 boasts a rack/tower design with rotating LCD panel and a wide input power frequency and voltage window that accommodates a broad operating range for different working requirements. It’s advanced digital control technology offers higher reliability and greater immunity from utility power problems and it’s powerful built-in charger shortens battery charging time and extends runtime.

Alpha Continuity 1000-3000 UPS Features

  • Emergency shutdown control through EPO complies with national safety regulations and local code
  • Programmable receptacles enable flexible power backup
  • Hot swappable battery allows replacement without interruption to critical loads
  • Rack/Tower Design enables integration into a wide variety of environments
  • Optional rack-mount rail available
  • Unity Input Power Factor
  • Completely re-generates the Utility Power to correct power disturbances in the Mains
  • An easy-to-read LCD/LED display provides real-time indication of all major system parameters and system status
  • Emergency Shutdown Control Through EPO allows users to shut down the UPS completely in an emergency
  • Provides approximately 0.3C charging ability to re-charge internal battery to 90% in 3 hours
  • Remote Reboot and Load Shedding via software
  • Hot Swappable Battery allows battery replacement without UPS or critical load interruption
  • With a compact 2U design, it occupies less space in a 19” rack cabinet, or in the 21” rack cabinet with the optional 21” Rack accessories

Alpha Continuity 1000-3000 UPS Specifications

SpecificationsContinuity 1000Continuity 2000Continuity 3000
Capacity 1000VA/800W 2000VA/1600W3000/2400W
Power Factor0.8 Lagging – based on load
AC Input
Voltage range80V-288VAC
Current2.9A Max
Frequency50Hz/60Hz +/-10%
DC Output
Voltage (no load)41.0 +/-0.5Vdc82.0 +/-0.5Vdc
Charging current4A2A
Efficiency (full load)˃80%
Output capacityMax 160W
Operation modeConstant voltage w/current limitation
Outlets (120Vac)6 x 5-15R2×5-15R + 2 x 5-20R4×5-15R + 1xL5-30R
Dimensions3.5 in. H x8.1 in. W x 2.7 in. D
Weight1.21 lbs.

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

For more information about the Alpha Continuity 1000-3000 UPS,
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