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Alpha Continuity 6K-10K indoor, on-line UPS Series, with full-time Digital Signal Processor control technology, is the perfect solution for mission critical applications that require reliability, availability and performance.

The Continuity 6K-10K offers input power factor correction, high efficiency and parallel redundant capability that provides a superior level of power quality for sensitive electronic equipment and computer loads. It’s simple parallel installation simplifies the setup of N+1 redundant systems.  With up to four units working in parallel, the Continuity increases potential power output capacity.

Alpha Continuity 6K-10K Features

  • Smart ECO mode allows automatic transfer to inverter supply, maximizing efficiency
  • LCD / LED display panel provides user-friendly interface to UPS
  • Emergency shutdown control through EPO complies with national safety regulations and local code
  • Hot swappable battery allows replacement without interruption to critical loads
  • True Double Conversion On-line Technology corrects and cleans the utility power
  • Dual Input Connections, provides single input connections as standard
  • A precise LCD/LED display provides real time status and parameter readings
  • The AC to AC efficiency may be up to 90% at 25% load and higher with larger loadings in normal VFI operation
  • Using the ECO mode up to 97% efficiency can be achieved
  • The LCD front panel provides direct access to the DSP controller
  • Emergency Power Off to remotely shutdown
  • Fully modular to increase the overall power output, battery runtime, and redundancy as required
  • Shipped with monitoring and shutdown software
  • Remote testing of the major operating UPS functions
  • Super Compact Convertible Design, installs in a 19” rack. Optional rack mount rail available
  • Optional External Battery Charger that can be installed in Parallel operation up to 4 units

Alpha Continuity 6K-10K Specifications

SpecificationsContinuity 6KContinuity 10K
Voltage range160-280Vac
Power FactorUp to 0.99 at 100% Linear Load
Voltage range200/208/220/240Vac Selectable (208/120Vac optional)
Input/Output ConnectionHardwire
Operating Temp0-40°C (32-104°F)
Dimensions5.2 in.H x 17.3 in.W x 21.3 in.D5.2in.H x 17.3in.W x 26.8in.D

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

For more information about the Alpha Continuity 6K-10K UPS Series,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].