SRYL20K20RMXLT Smart-UPS Modular Ultra

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APC SRYL20K20RMXLT Smart-UPS Modular Ultra

The APC SRYL20K20RMXLT Smart-UPS Modular Ultra, by Schneider Electric, provides on-line power protection in ultra-high power density, with Lithium-ion batteries in a modular, internally redundant-capable architecture. Smart-UPS Modular Ultra provides up to 2.5x more power density in half the size and weight of comparable UPS systems. It allows users to scale power or runtime to grow with facility’s needs. These units are scalable with up to 20kW of power protection. Remote monitoring and management is through EcoStruxure IT connection via the embedded network port.

The Smart-UPS Modular Ultra also boasts a lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to UPS with VRLA batteries. The innovative semiconductor design, paired with 10-year lithium-ion batteries, provides added power density in a UPS that is 50% smaller and lighter than comparable modular UPS with VRLA batteries. Universal Module Bays in the main chassis can be used for either battery or power modules. The battery expansion chassis accommodates additional batteries for larger systems or extended runtimes.

The electrical connections of the Smart-UPS Modular Ultra have backwards compatibility with APC Symmetra LX so upgrading from a Symmetra LX with VRLA to the APC Smart-UPS Modular Ultra with Lithium-Ion is easy. As part of the Smart-UPS family, the Modular Ultra is the industry’s most sustainable and space-optimized modular UPS solution of its kind and ideal for the facilities of today and tomorrow.


SRYL20K20RMXLT Smart-UPS Modular Ultra Features

  • Next-generation modular, scalable and redundant UPS
  • N+1 redundant-capable up to 20kW
  • Unity power factor
  • 10-year UPS and battery design life
  • Embedded network card
  • The smallest, lightest, most powerful and most sustainable modular UPS of its kind
  • Lithium-ion batteries provide 3x the battery life compared to lead acid batteries 
  • Featuring green and recycled materials
  • 96% efficient
  • Modular design features user-upgradeable parts and servicing without downtime
  • 5-year warranty


SRYL20K20RMXLT Smart-UPS Modular Ultra Specifications

Runtime half/full: 12 min/5min
Main Input Voltage: 208 V
Main Output Voltage: 120 V/208 V
Power: 20000 W/20000 VA
Number of rack units: 12U
Battery Type: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion)
Network management card: Included
Redundant: Yes
Dimensions: 20.47 in H x 17.32 in W x 29.13 in D
Net Weight: 327.39 lbs.
Mounting Mode: Rack-mounted
USB compatible: Yes
Number of input connectors: 1 Hard Wire 4-wire (2PH+N+G)
Bypass type: Built-in Bypass                                
Product Certifications: ENERGY STAR V2.0
Ambient air temperature for operation: 32-104 °