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Eaton 5P UPSThe Eaton 5P UPS delivers reliable, enterprise-class backup power in tower and rackmount form factors with an efficiency rating of up to 99%. With ENERGY STAR qualified models, the 5P’s graphical LCD screen allows you to view UPS status in a single glance and provides more available power than comparable UPS. When paired with Eaton Intelligent Power Manager software, the 5P allows you to seamlessly manage your connected equipment, even in virtualized environments.

  • Flexible installation available: Tower, 2-post rackmount, 4-post rackmount, or Wall-mount
  • Available with Lithium-Ion batteries (5P1550GR-L, 5P1550GR-L)
  • Intelligent Power Manager offers remote management with notification and alerts for power events
  • LCD Display shows critical UPS information including battery time and outage tracking
  • Three year warranty provides the most comprehensive coverage available in the industry

Eaton 5P UPS Models

ModelForm FactorPowerPower FactorRuntime
Full/Half load (min)
5P1000Tower1000VA/770W, 120V0.775/125-15P(8) 5-15R
5P1000RRack1000VA/770W, 120V0.775/125-15P(5) 5-15R
5P1000RCRack1000VA/770W, 120V0.775/125-15P(10) 5-15R
5P1500Tower1440VA/1100W, 120V0.774/135-15P(8) 5-15R
5P1500RRack1440VA/1100W, 120V0.774/135-15P(5) 5-15R
5P1500R-LRack1440VA/1100W, 120V0.774/135-15P(5) 5-15R
5P1500RCRack1440VA/1100W, 120V0.775/135-15P(10) 5-15R
5P1500RTRack1440VA/1440W, 120V13/115-15P(8) 5-15R
5P1550GTower1550VA/1100W, 230V0.74/13C14(8) IEC C13
5P1550GRRack1550VA/1100W, 230V0.74/13C14(6) IEC C13
5P1550GR-LRack1550VA/1100W, 230V0.74/11, Li-Ion BatteryIEC C14, Receptacle(6) IEC C13
5P2200RTRack/Tower1950VA/1920W, 120V0.983/95-20P(8) 5-20R
5P3000Tower3000VA/2700W, 120V0.94/10L5-30-P(6) 5-20R, (1) L5-30R
5P3000RTRack/Tower3000VA/2700W, 120V0.94/10L5-30P(6) 5-20R, (1) L5-30R

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.


For more information about the Eaton 5P UPS,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].