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Eaton Powerware 9315

Eaton has announced that the 9315 is at it’s End Of Life (EOL) as of September, 2017. The recommended replacement for the 9315 is the 93PM. For more information and configuration assistance on UPS replacement, call 1-800-876-9373 or email [email protected].

The Eaton 9315 225-750 kVA UPS is a highly reliable and flexible three-phase UPS, available in single modules from 200 kVA to 750 kVA. The 9315 can be paralleled for both redundancy and capacity using patented Hot SyncTM Technology, for systems up to 3324 kW.

The Eaton 9315 UPS series gives you maximum flexibility, reliability and system availability for your entire enterprise, whether it’s in a single building or spread around the world. With highly reliable hardware, sophisticated power management software, and a multitude of accessories and options, combined with world class service, the 9315 offers the power solution – and system availability – that lets you get down to the business of your business.

More than just the workhorse for data centers, facilities and network solutions, the Eaton 9315 UPS uses intelligent communications and parallel configurations for maximum uptime and availability. The 9315 provides high efficiency operation, resulting in lower operating costs, less heat generation, cooler UPS components, and ultimately, higher reliability. High operating efficiency and superior cooling design allow the UPS to operate reliably under extreme environmental conditions.

Also available for this power range is the Eaton 9395.  This newer generation model represents Eaton’s latest technology with higher efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.


  • Data centers
  • Server farms
  • Telecommunication installations
  • Internet service providers
  • Transportation systems
  • Security operations
  • Broadcasting and entertainment
  • Process control equipment
  • Financial systems
  • Credit card operations
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Industrial systems

Features and Benefits

  • Double-Conversion Technology – Double-conversion online technology protects the critical load from all power variations on the input
  • DC Expert® – Monitors and maintains battery health; provides state-of-charge and dynamically updates battery time remaining information
  • Network Access – Optional adapters provide LAN connectivity and SNMP compatibility
  • Remote Notify – UPS initiates outcall for user-selected events
  • eNotify Remote Monitoring Option – Provides critical alerts notification and monthly reports detailing the ongoing health of the UPS and batteries. Service is enabled with the use of a Web/SNMP X-Slot card and an Eaton UPS Service Contract
  • Intelligent Input Filter – Provides superior generator interface and additional isolation between input and output. Mitigates the damaging effects of harmonics, automatically turns itself off when conditions dictate. Because it automatically configures itself, and turns itself on/off, you can be assured that your critical systems are protected
  • Intelligent Design – Reduced component and wiring count significantly reduces single point-of-failure
  • Monitor Panel – Provides single-button controls to easily access data about UPS status
  • Intelligent Controls with DSP – Digital signal processing provides more pristine output signal
  • True PWM Technology – High speed DSP enables IGBTs to work at their highest capacity, increasing system reliability and ensuring perfect power on the output
  • Hot Sync – Patented paralleling technology requires no communication between modules, eliminating a system-level single point-of-failure; available for both redundant and capacity systems

Eaton 9315 225-750 kVA Spec Sheet


For more information about Eaton UPS Systems,
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