Eaton 9PXM8S12K-PD

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The Eaton 9PXM8S12K-PD UPS is a scalable, modular, flexible solution that combines a high level of reliability with a low cost of ownership. The 9PXM enables you to build a power solution specific to your needs and to expand redundancy and runtime as your needs change.  High power rating, small footprint and easy rack conversion make it an ideal solution for an array of data center applications. The design features offer harmonious compatibility with 4-post or high density racks, PDU and network gear for seamless integration into an IT infrastructure.

Eaton 9PXM8S12K-PD Benefits

  • Redundancy: N+X redundancy for power and logic eliminates system-level single point of failure
  • Scalability: Add power and battery modules to scale up power rating or add redundancy
  • Flexibility: Add battery modules to any slot for extended backup runtime in a single unit cabinet
  • TAA Compliant

Eaton 9PXM8S12K-PD Specifications

Power Rating: 12 kVA expandable to 12 kVA (N+1)
Voltage: 208-240V
Rating (VA/Watts): 12 kVA/10.8 kW
Configuration: Rack/Tower
Input Plug: Hardwired
Output Receptacles: (4) 5-20R (2) L6-30R
Module Configuration: 3 Power Module, 6 Battery Modules
Dimensions: 25 in. H x 17.5 in W x 34.5 L
Weight: 437 lbs

For more information about the Eaton 9PXM UPS,
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