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The MGE EPS 8000 555-1125kVA offers robust 3 phase power protection. The MGE EPS 8000 is the primary choice in the large data center market with its benchmark on quality and availability, from 555 to 1125 kVA in a single box. Relying on advanced 12 pulse rectifier and inverter technologies to restrict total harmonic distortion to less than 5 percent. Copper galvanic isolation is provided for both input and output to the UPS while isolating the DC ground from upstream devices in the event of a ground fault condition due to battery leakage. The MGE EPS 8000 is a true high performance machine with efficiency up to 93.5% while maintaining efficiency of 92% at 25% load. UPS delivers clean reliable power even in the harshest of electrical environments. Featuring 100% step-load capability that ensures a fast response to load changes with accurate voltage regulation. In addition, the MGE EPS 8000 incorporates fault tolerant circuitry that protects the UPS from accidental short circuits usually caused by load side failures or overloads. Core MGE EPS is equipped with a 100 percent rated output static switch with a stable, reliable, predetermined response time. Low carbon footprint and full front access with zero electromechanical connections at the rear of the unit allows the unit to be installed against the wall.

MGE EPS 8000 Popular Models Include:

480V 3PH, 600V 3PH Output / 480V 3PH, 600V 3PH Input
– EPS 8000 555 kVA
– EPS 8000 625 kVA
– EPS 8000 750 kVA
– EPS 8000 800 kVA
– EPS 8000 1000 kVA
– EPS 8000 1100 kVA
E8TUPS1125 – EPS 8000 1125kVA


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