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The MGE EPS 7000 3-phase UPS power protection is specifically designed to meet the requirements of medium to large data centers, buildings and mission critical environments. The MGE EPS 7000 offers performance power protection with high adaptability. The MGE EPS 7000 is the facility manager’s top choice UPS with its full front access design and all critical serviceable components reachable within minutes not hours. MGE EPS 7000 product development was the largest joint effort with outside field and customer inputs but while still maintaining an aggressive footprint. These UPS modules allow IT and facilities managers to respond to increasing demands placed on power infrastructure in growing facilities by offering N+1 capabilities. MGE EPS 7000 was the first in the industry to incorporate a 100% rated static switch on output of UPS inverter with no mechanical contactors that can age and weaken during UPS operation. Energy efficiency is a key featurefor the MGE EPS 7000 with 93.5% system efficiency at full load and continues at high efficiency levels down to 25% load (93%). MGE EPS 7000 provides pure flexibility, with auxiliary equipment such as: paralleling gear, external maintenance bypass, critical bus synchronization, bottom entry cabinets boxes, and distribution to meet specific site configuration while maximizing efficiency and output power quality.

Optional Lithium-Ion Batteries

The EPS 7000 is available with optional Lithium-Ion Batteries. Li-Ion Batteries can be the perfect choice for your three phase UPS and offer several advantages over traditional valve-regulated, lead acid batteries commonly used in UPSs today. Click here for more information on comparing Li-Ion to VRLA batteries.

  • Longer life expectancy – Li-ion can double or triple battery service life
  • More power in less space – Li-ion batteries take up only about one-third the space of VRLA with the same power
  • More forgiving in a wide range of temps – Li-ion batteries can withstand a wider temperature range than VRLA batteries
  • Reduced cooling requirements and costs – The wider temp range of Li-Ion can reduce the optimal operating temperature range
  • Less weight – Lithium-ion batteries offer a two-thirds weight reduction
  • Battery monitoring systems included – Sophisticated battery monitoring systems (BMS) included

MGE EPS 7000 Popular Models Include:

480V 3PH, 600V 3PH Output / 480V 3PH, 600V 3PH Input
– EPS 7000 300 kVA
– EPS 7000 400 kVA
– EPS 7000 500 kVA


For more information about the MGE EPS 7000,
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