Eaton EVR

The Eaton EVR, electronic voltage regulator, is a three-phase microprocessor-controlled tap changing transformer that reduces equipment downtime and improves performance of critical equipment through constant voltage regulation and line noise reduction. It is the ideal solution for equipment or facilities experiencing brownouts and voltage regulation problems. The EVR’s patented design offers high in-rush current, rapid response and operating advantages over other manufacturers.

The appropriate transformer tap is automatically activated through a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR), maintaining a tightly regulated output voltage. Tap changes are initiated within one electrical cycle—switching at zero current crossing to ensure a minimum amount of noise during tap transitions. Seven taps per phase are used for optimal voltage regulation. Also, the Eaton EVR is a low output impedance, shielded isolation transformer. As a result of the low impedance, load changes do not affect other equipment connecting the system. The EVR’s unique design ensures high efficiency at 97% and 1000% in-rush capability. It is equipped with a thermal-magnetic breaker that allows for proper system coordination to prevent nuisance trips.

Eaton EVR Features

  • Processor controlled voltage regulation
  • Tight output voltage regulation
  • Zero-current switching
  • Wide input regulation range
  • Triple shielded, computer grade transformer
  • Highly efficient – 97 percent typical
  • High inrush capability
  • Transient protection and high frequency filter
  • Surge protection (optional)
  • Includes input circuit breaker
  • Manual bypass switch (Bypass is standard on 50 KVA and larger units and an option on 45 KVA and smaller units)
  • Standard and Premium Metering (optional)

Eaton EVR Specifications

For more information about the Eaton EVR,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].