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Schneider Electric Galaxy VLThe Schneider Electric Galaxy VL scalable 200-500 kVA/kW 3-phase UPS is highly efficient and modular and provides redundant design and low total cost of ownership for medium and large data centers and mission critical environments. The VL offers increased availability, reduced operating costs and superior power protection.

The VL’s high-density technology and fault-tolerant architecture maximize availability, operational efficiency, and critical load protection while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO). With up to 99% efficiency in ECOnversion™ mode and up to 97% efficiency in double conversion mode the Galaxy VL’s scalability enables you to pay-as-you grow. You can buy the power modules you need up-front to optimize operating efficiency, and then add power modules with Live Swap as demand grows. The modular design also enables N+1 internal redundancy, which multiplies by 10 the system’s availability with no extra footprint.

The Galaxy VL is compatible with Lithium-ion batteries. With our Schneider Electric Lithium-ion battery solution, classic VRLA, or NiCad batteries, critical loads have highly predictable runtimes.

Galaxy VL is EcoStruxure™ connected to give you peace of mind anytime, anywhere. Start-up service is included to optimize your system’s performance, quality, and safety.

Schneider Electric Galaxy VL Features

  • Unity Power Factor (PF=1) allows for right-size protection to real IT needs
  • Reduces your power protection footprint by 50% compared to industry average
  • Well suited for different applications thanks to high flexibility on power factor and high overload capability
  • Seamlessly integrates into electrical environment:
    – Single and dual mains supported
    – Supports 3- or 4-wire installations
  • Increase onsite reliability and reduce start-up costs by using the Smart Power Test feature (SPoT)
  • Simple, easy, and safe method to test the UPS at full power which reduces risk to the load and improves product quality
  • Fault-tolerant design ensures continuous protection in critical circumstances
  • Maximum short circuit rating: 65kA
  • Designed to perform in harsh environments with its high-quality air filter
  • Static bypass switch with high I²t rating enhances downstream resilience
  • Suited for humid environments thanks to conformal coating
  • Seismic certified (with option kit)
  • Exceeds industry standards on electromagnetic protection due to EMC
  • One extra power module for N+1 internal redundancy keeps your load protected and multiplies system availability by 10 with no extra footprint
  • Optimized uptime with wide input tolerance window (+/-15%)
  • Faster battery charging capabilities restore back-up time 2 to 3 times faster compared to industry standards Level C2

Galaxy VL Popular Models Include;

GVL200K500DS – VL 200 Scalable to 500 kW, 400/480V, Start Up 5×8
GVL300K500DS – VL 300 Scalable to 500kW, 400/480V, Start Up 5×8
GVL400K500DS – VL Scalable to 500kW, 400/480V, Start Up 5×8
GVL500KDS – VL 500, 400/480V, Start Up 5×8


For more information about the Schneider Electric Galaxy VL,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].