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Toshiba 1600XP/XPi SeriesThe Toshiba 1600XP/XPi Series is single-phase double-conversion UPS, available in a range of sizes: 3.6 kVA, 6.0 kVA, 8.0 kVA, 10.0 kVA, 14 kVA, 18 kVA, and 22 kVA. Available in a tower design solution with a LCD touch-screen display that provides unmatched access for UPS monitoring and control. As a double-conversion online UPS, supplies uninterrupted, clean single-phase power to critical systems over large input voltage deviations without resorting to battery backup.

Toshiba 1600XP/XPi Series Features

  • Digital LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Internal Isolation Transformer
  • Wide Input Voltage Window
  • Wide Input Frequency Window
  • Input Power Factor > 0.95
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Output Power Factor 0.85
  • Optional Network Interface Card for Remote Monitoring/Control
  • Optional External Battery Cabinets
  • Optional Environmental Monitoring Device

Toshiba 1600XP/XPi Series Specifications

Capacity3.6 KVA
(3.1 KW)
(5.1 KW)
(6.8 KW)
10 KVA
(8.5 KW)
14 KVA
(11.9 KW)
18 KVA
(15.3 KW)
22 KVA
(18.7 KW)
TopologyTrue On-Line, Double Conversion; IGBT Power Factor Corrected Input; Internal Isolation Transformer
CertificationsUL 1778, CUL, CE, FCC Class A, IEEE 587, ANSI/C62.41, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NEMA/PE1-1993, RoHs
Input VoltageSingle-Phase 208/240 VAC (Three-Wire Input/L-L, G); 230 VAC (Three-Wire Input/L, N, G),
+10% -30% (Based on Typical 70% Load)
Battery TypeValve-Regulated Lead Acid; Flame Retardant (9.0 Amp Hr)
0 to 40°C (Operating); -20° to +40°C (Storage)
EnclosureSteel Enclosure; Complies with NEMA 1 and UL Type-1 Standard
22.1″H x 10″W
x 33″D
27.5″H x 10″W
x 33″D
28.4″H x 13″W
x 34.9″D
39.1″H x 17.5″W
x 36.1″D
Shipping Weight280 lb/127 kg346 lb/157 kg476 lb/214 kg784 lb/355 kg784 lb/355 kg835 lbs/379 kg
Battery Pack
5″H x 7.3″W x 19″D (Battery Pack Part # 51896-FS)
Battery Pack

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