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Liebert EXMThe Vertiv Liebert EXM UPS, 10-250kVA, provides efficient and economical operation with a flexible power system offering scalable and redundant features that is optimized to meet the unique demands of midsize IT and critical power applications. An intuitive, customizable touchscreen control panel provides Status At A Glance information and multiple levels of user security. Matching ancillary cabinets provide the ability to meet specific demands for run time, bypass and parallel requirements.

Vertiv Liebert EXM Features

  • 10-250kVA, 208 & 480 Volt Native
  • TAA Compliant
  • Unity Power Factor ensures more power is provided in a smaller footprint, thus increasing system capacity while minimizing cabling and installation costs
  • Industry leading efficiency rating: 97% for double conversion mode, and 99% for eco mode
  • Optimized ancillaries provide small footprints for better use of space and lower installation costs
  • Comprehensive, easy to use touchscreen control panel
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • UL924 listed for Emergency Lighting
  • Native 208V or 480V
  • Integrated Albér battery monitoring option can prevent pending battery issues, the most common cause of UPS failures
Optional Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Liebert EXM (480V models) are available with optional Lithium-Ion Batteries. Li-Ion Batteries can be the perfect choice for your three phase UPS and offer several advantages over traditional valve-regulated, lead acid batteries commonly used in UPSs today. Click here for more information on comparing Li-Ion to VRLA batteries.

  • Longer life expectancy – Li-ion can double or triple battery service life
  • More power in less space – Li-ion batteries take up only about one-third the space of VRLA with the same power
  • More forgiving in a wide range of temps – Li-ion batteries can withstand a wider temperature range than VRLA batteries
  • Reduced cooling requirements and costs – The wider temp range of Li-Ion can reduce the optimal operating temperature range
  • Less weight – Lithium-ion batteries offer a two-thirds weight reduction
  • Battery monitoring systems included – Sophisticated battery monitoring systems (BMS) included

Vertiv Liebert EXM Models

ModelsPower RatingInput VoltageOutput VoltageEfficiency
Liebert EXM UPS 208 Volt10-200kVA/kW208V Input208V Output99% Efficiency
Liebert EXM UPS 480 Volt50-250kVA/KW480V Input480V Output99% Efficiency

For more in-depth technical specifications, see the EXM data sheet.


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