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Liebert Nfinity 20kVAThe Liebert Nfinity 20kVA UPS has been discontinued. Contact [email protected] for help in finding a replacement.

The Liebert Nfinity 20kVA UPS, by Vertiv, is a true on-line UPS, with a scalable design. The Nfinity offers N+x parallel redundancy to provide a fault-tolerant network of power protection. Its modular design provides easy, user-installed upgrades as data center power demands grow. Configurations can be cost-effectively upgraded without re-investing in a new uninterruptible power system or installation. The Liebert Nfinity UPS is available in scalable 12-20kVA models, 60Hz. Modules are scalable in 4kVA increments.

Ideal for small to medium data centers, it can be configured to be cost-effectively upgraded without re-investing in a new system or installation. The patent pending frame design houses all of the modular system components, including 4 kVA power modules, battery modules and system control modules.

A wider, variable input voltage range minimizes transfer to battery to increase battery life. For lighter loads, low line transfer can range down to 110V. Full time output voltage and frequency regulation is provided which is a necessity for sensitive electronic equipment and a must for sites with
back up generators. Liebert Nfinity offers the highest overload capability of any system in its class capable of sustaining 110% of the system’s rated load for an extended period of time.

Liebert Nfinity 20kVA Features 

  • Scalable online UPS
  • Allows user installation of hot-swappable replaceable modules
  • Provides intelligent power, battery and control modules
  • Offers internal bypass
  • Allows addition of battery capacity without increasing footprint.
  • Extends backup time up to 72 hours with additional battery cabinets.
  • Upgrades for capacity or redundancy without the expense or installation downtime associated with the purchase of a new UPS.
  • Enables greater system control with remote management software.

For more information about the Vertiv Liebert Nfinity,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].