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Minimize the risk of unexpected downtime caused by
human error
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Server rooms and small, remote closets are often
subject to downtime caused by human error. Many of these facilities
are unattended IT rooms that are minimally supervised increasing the
vulnerability to down time.  Costly incidents caused by human
error in these small environments can be greatly reduced with proper UPS monitoring and management.

InfraStruXure Central  is a
management and automation tool
that allows users to remotely manage their UPS and data center
equipment from a central location. NetBotz video surveillance
and sensor appliances provide real-time information about server room
conditions and human contact with the equipment.
Metered rack PDUs manage the power
distribution within the rack and provide real-time remote monitoring
of connected loads. These various tools place critical data in the
hands of knowledgeable administrators who can identify and manage
problems remotely before they result in downtime.


InfraStruXure Central 

InfraStruXure Central provides an
efficient way for organizations to monitor their company-wide
multi-vendor physical infrastructure: power, cooling, security, and
environment. Real-time monitoring, user-defined reports and graphs,
and instant fault notification and escalation enable quick assessment
and resolution of critical infrastructure events that can adversely
affect IT system availability.


InfraStruXure Central monitoring your IT assets, you can enhance your
operational efficiency in practical ways:

  • Save
    time by immediately generating reports from any monitored device
  • Give
    facilities and IT personnel a common language with which to
    optimize the physical infrastructure
  • Minimize
    server downtime and increase productivity by enabling personnel
    to perform key tasks remotely

As a scalable
monitoring system, InfraStruXure Central provides a unified view of
complex physical infrastructure environments.  A vendor-neutral
platform, InfraStruXure Central collects, organizes, distributes and
reports on equipment status and health, critical alerts, and key
information from anywhere on your network.



<![if !vml]>NetBotz Appliance<![endif]>NetBotz
from Schneider Electric protects your small data center or network
closet from physical threats.  An active monitoring solution
designed to protect against environmental or human threats, NetBotz
is a scalable suite of networked appliances, sensors, access controls
and cameras designed to safeguard environments ranging in size from
network closets to data centers.   


NetBotz is
capable of video surveillance and monitoring to record human activity
in addition to providing temperature, humidity, door contact, dry
contact, spot leak, vibration, smoke and 2-way audio
monitoring.  Additional features of NetBotz include integration
with InfraStruXure Central, Power over Ethernet, and user-defined
alerts, making NetBotz the perfect tool to protect your IT assets
from security and environmental threats.   


The modular
design allows for common sensors among the NetBotz appliances.
Optional user-defined alerts can be sent in a variety of formats and
are easily integrated into event escalation policies.


Use InfraStruXure Central for management
of multiple NetBotz appliances. InfraStruXure Central surveillance
licenses enable a single view of multiple cameras, rapid search and
retrieval of video, plus ‘tagging’ of important video clips.  


Metered rack PDUs provide real-time
remote monitoring of connected loads.  User-defined alarms warn
of potential circuit overloads before critical IT failures

Metered Rack PDUs provide power utilization data to allow Data Center
Managers to make informed decisions on load balancing and right
sizing IT environments to lower total cost of ownership.  Metered Rack PDUs include real power
monitoring, a temperature/humidity sensor port, locking IEC
receptacles, and ultra low profile circuit breakers.

Users can access and configure Metered Rack PDUs through secure Web,
SNMP, or Telnet Interfaces that are complimented by APC Centralized
Management platforms using InfraStruxure Central, Operations,
Capacity, and Energy Efficiency.

For more information about UPS Management and Monitoring, InfraStruXure Central, NetBotz, or Metered Rack PDU’s call 800-876-9373
ext. 702 or send me an email.


Guy Lacerte
Power Solutions, LLC
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[email protected]





Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
have several applications beyond providing emergency back up power
when the utility goes down.  Often the power coming from the
utility experiences fluctuations and variations that can interfere
with the operation of computer and data center equipment.
Adding a UPS to the critical power path can provide power
conditioning and voltage regulation so the power going to your
sensitive equipment is clean and consistent.  The power problems
described below can all be mitigated with a UPS.

  • Power Surges – A
    power surge takes place when the voltage is 110% or more above normal.
    The most common cause is heavy electrical equipment being turned
    off. Under these conditions, computer systems and other high
    tech equipment can experience flickering lights, equipment
    shutoff, errors or memory loss.
  • High-Voltage Spikes
    High-voltage spikes occur when there is a sudden voltage peak of
    up to 6,000 volts. These spikes are usually the result of nearby
    lightning strikes, but there can be other causes as well. The
    effects on vulnerable electronic systems can include loss of
    data and burned circuit boards.
  • Transient
    Transients are power quality disturbances that involve
    destructive high magnitudes of current and/or voltage. By
    definition, transients a very short in duration lasting from
    less than 50 nanoseconds to as long as 50 milliseconds and are
    often caused by switching activities or loose connections.
  • Power Sag – A
    sag is the reduction of AC Voltage at a given frequency for a
    duration of 0.5 cycles to 1 minute’s time.  Sags are
    usually caused by system faults, and are often the result of
    switching on loads with high demand start-up currents. 
  • Electrical Line Noise
    Electrical line noise is defined as Radio Frequency Interference
    (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and causes unwanted
    effects in the circuits of computer systems. Sources of the
    problems include motors, relays, motor control devices,
    broadcast transmissions, microwave radiation, and distant
    electrical storms. RFI, EMI and other frequency problems can
    cause equipment to lock-up, and data error or loss.

Power Solutions has a complete line of the industry’s
most current UPS systems from low power single
phase UPSs for small office applications to large three phase
enterprise systems for large data centers to UPS systems specifically
designed for industrial applications or harsh environments.

For more information on the UPS systems available, visit our website,
call me 800-876-9373 ext. 702 or send me an email.






Eaton’s next-generation 5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, and 11kV<![if !vml]>Eaton 9PX<![endif]>A rack/tower UPS

Delivering premium back-up power and scalable battery run times for
servers, voice/data networks and storage systems, the new Eaton 9PX is an ideal solution for both rack and
stand-alone installations.  With a graphical LCD interface and
robust power management software, managing a UPS has never been easier
– even in virtualized environments. 

The 9PX is
Eaton’s next-generation 5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, and 11kVA rack/tower
UPS.  It offers best-in-class efficiency (93% or better), 28%
more power (in watts), and every 9PX includes a network card-MS.


The Eaton 9PX replaces the Eaton 9135, Eaton 9140,
Eaton EX RT, Eaton MX and the 5kVA and 6kVA models of the Eaton 5125.

  • Reliability
    – With extended battery runtime options, user replaceable batteries,
    internal bypass and optional maintenance bypass, the 9PX
    maximizes the availability of your IT systems.
  • More
    Power – The 9PX allows you to connect more devices by providing
    up to 28% more wattage compared to traditional UPSs.
  • Efficiency
    – The double-conversion online 9PX is the most efficient UPS in
    its class with a greater than or equal to 93% efficiency rating
    in normal mode.
  • Increased
    Battery Life – Eaton offers ABM technology that increases battery
    service life by 50%.  ABM uses an advanced, three-stage
    charging technique and closely monitors battery health to provide
    advanced notice when batteries need replacement.
  • Intuitive
    LCD Interface – Eaton’s next-generation intuitive LCD interface offers
    a graphical interface that provides all critical UPS information
    in a single view.  The user-friendly menu allows you to view
    information and control settings with the push of a button.

For more
information and pricing on the Eaton 9PX, visit our website, call 800-876-9373 ext. 702 or send me an email.