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June, 2014

Measuring Data Center Efficiency

GE Critical Power LP33 Series 3-Phase UPS

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Using Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) to Analyze your Data Center

Do you know what your PUE is?  Many data center managers feel pressure to reduce energy consumption, but aren’t sure where to start. As a measure of overall data center efficiency, knowing the PUE of your facility can provide the information you need to reduce overall energy consumption and lower your data center operating costs.

What is PUE?

PUE is the ratio between the power sent to the data center and the power that ends up going to the IT load.  Historically, it was understood that only half of the total electricity used in a data center or network closet actually powered the IT equipment.  The remainder was needed to power the infrastructure – the UPS, cooling equipment, racks, lights, security system, etc.  However, recent advances in UPS and cooling technologies have significantly reduced the energy consumption of the data center infrastructure and provided opportunities for data center managers to reduce the power consumption of their non-IT equipment, lower their overall PUE, and thus reduce the overall utility expense to operate the data center.

Data Center Managers are encouraged to measure a baseline PUE of their data center to understand what’s driving energy costs.  Most DCIM software such as StruxureWare from Schneider Electric can not only measure PUE, but also break down data center operating costs and pinpoint the areas most in need of improvement.  StruxureWare offers tools to model and test different scenarios for change and measure how they will improve PUE and thus reduce energy consumption and data center operating costs.

Putting PUE into action

Knowing the PUE of your data center is only useful if you have actionable recommendations to improve it.  Services such as Schneider Electric’s EnergySTEP1 Data Center Assessment can provide even the most basic suggestions for improving overall data center efficiency such as installing blanking panels and moving vented floor tiles – both easy fixes that can have a big impact on cooling efficiency.

However, sometimes, larger changes are needed.  UPS equipment has become incredibly more efficient over the past few years and some have even become ENERGY STAR™ rated by the EPA.  This ENERGY STAR™ rating certifies that the UPS operates at high efficiency through a broad range of operating conditions – including partial loads and offers measurable savings for your utility bill.

If you have a UPS nearing the end of its useful life, consider replacing it with a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR™-rated UPS such as the GE LP33 Series.  The LP33 is a high performance UPS for a broad range of applications including industrial and offers high efficiency in Eco-Mode.  If you need a modular and scalable UPS with user-replaceable parts, take a look at the APC Symmetra PX.

GE Critical Power has chosen a select few of their most successful partners to carry their line of UPS systems and Power Solutions is proud to offer these state-of-the-art power protection products to our customers.  Please continue reading for more information about Single-Phase and Three-Phase UPS equipment from GE Critical Power.  For detailed specifications and configuration assistance, call me at 800-876-9373.


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Improve Data Center PUE with a UPS from GE Critical Power

Introducing the LP33 Series Three Phase UPS from GE Critical Power

upsfromgeThe LP33 Series is a robust, high performance UPS system suitable for broad range of mission critical applications including small data centers, medical, manufacturing, industrial, telecom and commercial buildings.

The LP33 Series can operate in high efficiency Eco Mode with efficiencies up to 98% across a broad range of operating load. Eco Mode operation continually monitors the output voltage and frequency and will instantaneously switch to inverter during voltage or frequency disturbances.

Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) can be used to parallel up to four (4) LP33 units for redundancy or capacity. The RPA system eliminates single points of failure by using redundant controls and integral static switches eliminating centralized bypass cabinets.
• Operates in double conversion mode with a true on-line Voltage Frequency Independent (VFI) design
• Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) increases system reliability by eliminating single points of failure
• 208V Transformerless design for less weight and improved efficiency
• Compact footprint, front service access, easily transportable, robustly designed system with low audible noise, suitable for both office and industrial environments
• Superior Battery Management (SBM) enhances battery life and reduces cost of operation
• High Efficiency Eco Mode up to 98% efficiency for single module configuration
For more information about The LP33 Series from GE Critical Power, call 800-876-9373.

GE Critical Power GT Series – Single Phase UPS 3kVA – 10kVA

High Performance UPS System for network, telecom and other IT applications

singlephaseups3kva-10kvaAvailable from 3kVA – 10kVA, The GT Series UPS from GE Critical Power is a true Voltage and Frequency Independent on-line double conversion UPS. With the most advanced power electronics technology, the GT Series is engineered to provide the highest level of protection for all critical loads. The GT Series is designed for maximum site flexibility with tower and/or rack design and is easy to install and service.

The GT Series from GE Critical Power closely compares to APC Smart-UPS Online, Eaton 9PX, and Liebert GXT3
• Rack/tower mounting
• Auto sensing 50/60Hz
• Extended runtime options – additional runtime with 2U plug & play battery packs
• Additional communications SNMP card slot
• Included monitoring & operational software
• Built-in RS232 communication port
• Internal/automatic and manual bypass
• User-replaceable batteries
• User-replaceable power unit (8kVA & 10kVA models)
• Parallel for N+2 or N+1 redundancy
• Standard 2 Year warranty
For more information about The GT Series from GE Critical Power, call me 800-876-9373.