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Our industry continues to face increased inflation along with unprecedented transportation and global supply chain disruptions. The relentless inflationary pressures, along with widespread labor shortages and strong demand industry-wide, continue to impact our costs as we remain committed to provide the best product and service variety available in the industry. 
Our manufacturer partners continue to implement price increases as we face extraordinary lead times that are stated in months, rather than days or weeks. As a vendor-neutral reseller, Power Solutions, LLC is uniquely positioned to offer our customers comparable product replacements to meet your power needs as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. While one manufacturer’s lead time may be several months, a comparable product from a different manufacturer may be available within a few weeks.
However, the limited availability of some raw materials and manufacturing components has created industry-wide shortages for products that we are accustomed to having readily available – such as battery modules, rectifiers, and network management cards.
While we had hoped these supply chain, labor shortage, and inflationary influences would ease as we enter 2022, we have all seen that quite the opposite is true.  Because of these continued challenges, both with supply chain globally, and labor shortages domestically, we expect the first half of 2022 will remain as volatile as the past 12-18 months have been. 
The best we can all do in these circumstances is to plan and anticipate upcoming maintenance, pro-active repairs, and replacement. Large 3-Phase UPS equipment can have lead times approaching 12 months. DC power systems are quoting lead times of 1 year, CRAC units are 40 weeks, and many batteries that are usually readily available, have lead times exceeding 6 months.
True partnership requires trust and transparency, and while we can’t alleviate the constraints around inflation, transportation, labor, and component shortages, we can help you plan and budget for future needs. Under current circumstances, the need to act may be closer than you think.
We know it hasn’t been easy for our customers and Power Solutions, LLC would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your continued support. If you would like detail on price and lead time status for a specific project or requirement, please contact me directly.
For assistance, call 800-876-9373.