C&D High Rate Max UPS12-150MR

C&D High Rate Max UPS12-150MR – Premium Replacement for UPS12-140FR and MR12-150

C&D High Rate Max UPS12-150MR is a Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery for UPS Standby Power Applications.CD Technologies High Rate Max batteries

C&D High Rate Max UPS12-150MR Specifications

  • 12V 148 Watts / Cell @ 15 Min Rate
  • Dimensions(inches): 7.76 long x 5.19 deep x 6.8 high
  • Weight: 27.3 lbs / 12.4 Kg
  • 10 year design life @ 25C
  • Terminal: Inserted, thermal copper alloy insert

C&D High Rate Max UPS12-150MR Features

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99%.
  • Patented Long Life Alloy.
  • Patented UL Recognized Flame-arresting vents in each cell for safety and long life.
  • Designed with the same recombination, thermal runaway prevention, gassing and flame retardant characteristics of the Bellcore 4228 compliant Dynasty Telecom products.
  • Flame Retardant polypropylene case and cover compliant with UL94-V2.
  • Thermally Welded case-to-cover bond to eliminate leakage.
  • Not restricted for most surface, air or water transport.

Weight: 27.3 pounds.


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