Alpha Media System Inverter

Alpha Media System InverterAlpha Media System Inverter Modules are 3kVA, 2RU inverters that combine the high reliability of a Telecom grade inverter system with the high efficiency of an AC UPS. Manufactured by Alpha Technologies, an EnerSys Company, Alpha Media System Inverter Modules incorporate the same revolutionary technology as Alpha’s AMPS80 HP and AMPS24 HP systems.  The Media System offers a low profile solution for critical AC loads in Telecom, Cable, IT and industrial sites.

The 2RU compact, integrated system comes preconfigured with one or two 1500VA/1200W hot swappable AC power modules in a variety of distribution options and provides low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and N+1 redundancy (with 2 power modules).

Both single phase 120Vac and split phase 120/240Vac configurations are available with integrated distribution options including bulk output, NEMA 5-15R receptacle and NEMA L14-20R twistlock receptacles. Additionally, the Media System may be seamlessly integrated with an Alpha power plant using the unified Cordex controller to manage and control the Media system’s AC power modules in addition to DC power modules and peripherals.

Alpha Media System Inverter Features

  • Revolutionary Green technology provides 93% system efficiency
  • Up to 3kVA/2.4kW of highly reliable, Telecom-grade AC power
  • 2RU shelf system provides high power density
  • Flexible mounting options for 19″ or 23″ box bay or open relay racks
  • Seamless integration with Alpha’s CXC controllers via CAN bus
  • Integrated 120 and 120/240V configuration with integrated distribution

Media System Specifications

Efficiency: 94% AC-to-AC; 90% DC-to-AC (from 50 to 100% full resistive load)
Waveform: Pure sine wave
Output Power Factor: 0.8 (can run capacitive & inductive loads)
Transfer Time: Zero transfer time
Inverter Module AC Output
Power Rating: 1500VA/1200W Nominal Voltage: 120VAC

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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