Alpha Inverters

Alpha InvertersAlpha Inverters, by Alpha Technologies, an EnerSys company, offer the latest technology in modular power systems to support small to mid-sized critical AC loads in a variety of standard and custom configurations.

With a range of inverters for most applications, this family includes Alpha’s Modular Power System HP2 that offers Telecom-grade AC power for critical loads. This inverter system offers exceptional reliability with up to 94% power efficiency and optimal power density through a scalable, modular platform with integrated, intelligent system control. The versatile AMPS HP2 can be configured for use as an Inverter or a UPS in either single, split, or three-phase arrangements. They offer a 19-inch and a 23-inch rack-mount version that are available in 10-30kVA inverter configurations. The 7-foot box bay, available in  40kVA and 75kVA can be utilized as an Inverter or a UPS. AMPS HP2 products use the same core modular inverter modules and are controlled by Alpha’s CXC HP Controller. A smart unified controller with integrated SNMP interface monitors and manages both inverter and rectifier modules through a web based GUI and local LCD touch screen.

For smaller applications, the INEX inverter is a fully integrated single-phase system that is specifically designed to backup critical AC loads. With proven Alpha reliability and flexibility, the system may be configured to provide N+1 redundancy. An optional static transfer switch allows automatic transfer of power in less than a quarter of a cycle. A user-friendly interface displays real time information, making the system easy to configure and manage.

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