AMPS HP2 Rack Mount UPS System

Alpha AMPS H2 Rack Mount UPS SystemThe Alpha AMPS HP2 Rack Mount UPS System, is a high performance AC power system offering Telecom grade reliability, 95% efficiency and high power density. The AMPS HP2 features hot swappable 2.5kVA/2.0kW inverter modules and 2.4kW rectifier modules that are the building blocks of a highly reliable UPS system utilizing -48Vdc battery bus. Each inverter module can utilize either AC or DC sources or both, eliminating the need for a static transfer switch. Transfer between sources is 100% seamless.

Alpha’s CXC-HP controller with it’s integrated Ethernet/SNMP interface monitors and manages the complete system through a web based GUI and local LCD touch  screen. The controller also features email notification via TCP/IP, user definable alarms and data logging, flexible battery management features, and smart peripheral monitoring features.

The AMPS HP2 meets your current and future power needs by allowing you to purchase only the power modules you currently need while having ultimate flexibility to scale up or down, depending on future power needs. Best in class craft access and user friendly connections make the system easy to install, easy to service and easy to upgrade. Furthermore, Alpha’s warranty and comprehensive support network for ordering spare modules make AMPS HP2 a smart and dependable investment decision.

AMPS HP2 Rack Mount UPS System Features

  • Innovative, modular, standalone, high-reliability UPS for critical facilities and Telecom applications
  • Small footprint system in a single 23” telecom rack, freeing up valuable floor space
  • Single, dual and three phase configurations with up to 30kVA/24kW capacity
  • Longer design and higher capacity battery options compared to typical UPS
  • High recharge capacity with redundancy for added reliability
  • Intelligent system controller with integrated SNMP for local and remote management of AC power modules, rectifier modules, batteries and other peripherals
  • Zero transfer time between AC and DC sources
  • Each inverter module can utilize either AC or DC sources or both, eliminating the need for a static transfer switch

AMPS HP2 Rack Mount UPS Specifications

 Model 10kVA 20kVA 30kVA
 System Max Capacity 10kVA/8kW 20kVA/16kW 30kVA/24kW
 System Input Voltage 120Vac Single Phase (2 Wire + G) 120/208Vac 2-Pole (Or) 120/240Vac Split Phase (3 Wire + G)120/208Vac 3 Phase (4 Wire + G)
 Inverter Positions Up to 4 modules Up to 8 modules Up to 12 modules
 Dimensions84″H x 28.1″W x 27.8″D
 Weight 504 lbs. 520 lbs.536 lbs.

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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