E+I Intelligent Medium Powerbar

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eiintelligent-medium-powerbarE+I Intelligent Medium Powerbar Delivers power safely and efficiently in mission critical environments. E+I Engineering’s innovative iMPB product is an open channel busway system designed for use in data centers and other mission critical environments. E+I Engineering have completed iMPB installation in data centers across the globe where security and flexibility of electrical distribution is paramount. iMPB has been engineered with the safety of the installer and user in mind.

E+I Intelligent Medium Powerbar Features

  • Unique open channel system allows tap off unites to be placed anywhere along the busway
  • Tap off units are fitted to the busway using E+I Engineering’s unique ‘earth first, break last’ safety features
  • Each tap off is secured to the busway using a high tensile strength lockable hardware which cannot be fitted incorrectly
  • Advanced metering capabilities through integrated total and individual circuit monitoring
  • iMPB can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on specific project requirements

Intelligent Medium Powerbar Specifications

  • 400V open track buway available in two bar configurations from 160A up to 800A
  • Busway is housed in an aluminium casing rated IP-2X
  • Engineered with high density 99.99% conductivity copper insulated with a custom thermoplastic material
  • Available in lengths of up to 12ft
  • Overrated neutral option available for systems with non-linear loads

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