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Eaton Powerware 9315The Eaton 9315 is End Of Life (EOL) as of September 2017.   Retrofit modernization services the replace all of the working components of the UPS with new parts are available for this UPS.  Extend the useful life of the UPS for up to 10 years with the Eaton Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).  The SLEP provides an essentially new UPS within the current infrastructure.  No electrical work, no downtime.  Half the cost of a new UPS.  For more information about the Eaton Service Life Extension Program, call 1-800-876-9373 or email [email protected].

The recommended replacement for the 9315 is the 93PMFor more information and configuration assistance on UPS replacement, call 1-800-876-9373 or email [email protected].

The Eaton 9315  30-160 kVA UPS is a highly reliable and flexible three-phase UPS.  The 9315 can be paralleled for both redundancy and capacity using patented Hot SyncTM Technology, for systems up to 3324 kW. It provides maximum flexibility, reliability and system availability for your entire enterprise, whether it’s in a single building or spread around the world. With highly reliable hardware, sophisticated power management software, and a multitude of accessories and options, combined with world class service, the 9315 offers the power solution – and system availability – that lets you get down to the business of your business.

Also available for this power range is the Eaton 93PM.  This newer generation model represents Eaton’s latest technology with higher efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

Eaton 9315  30-160 kVA UPS Features;

  • DC ExpertTM battery management system
    • +/- 3% battery run time
    • Battery health indication
  • Hot Sync® Redundant capability
  • Large display panel provides metering, statistics, alarm history and an active mimic screen
  • Prioritized cooling of components
  • Flexible communication capability
  • Local communications
    • Monitor panel
    • Illuminated indicators
    • Control panel
  • Remote communications
    • Relay interface contacts
    • Building alarm contacts (programmable)
    • Summary alarm contacts
    • RS232 port (standard)
    • EPO kit
    • Remote monitor panel
  • Communications options
  • Embedded communications slot to accept the following cards:
    • ConnectUPS-X SNMP/Web card
    • Multi-server card (S-RS232 serial port output)
    • Single port serial card
  • Expansion chassis available for increased communications capabilities
  • Intelligent input filter option

Eaton 9315-50 Spec Sheet
Eaton 9315-65 Spec Sheet
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Eaton 9315-160 Spec Sheet 


For more information about the Eaton 9135 UPS,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].