Eaton FERRUPS 1.4 KVA 60Hz Rackmount

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Eaton FERRUPS 1.4 KVA 60Hz RackmountThe Eaton FERRUPS 1.4 kVA 60Hz Rackmount delivers proven, ferroresonant battery backup power and scalable runtimes for 911 centers, global military installations, marine vessels and other critical applications.  Highly configurable with a wide range of voltages, frequencies, runtimes, power cords and receptacles, the Eaton FERRUPS rackmount continually regulates voltage and eliminates harmful harmonic currents.

Eaton FERRUPS 1.4 KVA 60Hz Rackmount Features

  • Delivers bulletproof protection with Ferroresonant technology, overcoming spikes, sags, surges, noise and lightening
  • Converts power from almost any AC source into computer-grade power
  • Eliminates harmful harmonic currents from entering a building’s wiring, where they can disrupt computer operations
  • Prolongs back-up time with external battery cabinets
  • Provides regulated output voltage without draining power from batteries, keeping the batteries fully charged for unexpected blackouts
  • Adapts to virtually any application with customizable receptacles, input plugs, voltage-matching transformers and bypass switches

FERRUPS 1.4 kVA 60Hz Rackmount Details and Specifications

  • Capacity – 1.4 kVA/1.0 kW
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) – 9.75 in. x 16 in. x 21.25 in.
  • Weight – 150lbs
  • Input Connection – Hardwired
  • Output Connection – Hardwired
  • Typical Runtime (minutes) – Full Load – 14/Half-Load – 36
  • Nominal Input Voltage – 120/208/240
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