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July, 2015 – In This Issue:

GE Critical Power for DAS and Small Cell Networks

New High Temp Batteries


New GE products for DAS and Small Cell Networks avoid disruption during outages in a crowded facility.

Today, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and their expectation is to be able to connect anywhere, anytime.  That puts pressure on network infrastructure, and nowhere is this more critical than in high-density buildings such as hospitals, campuses, or large office buildings.  Oftentimes, there is just not enough wireless capacity from traditional large cell sites to meet consumer demand in densely populated areas.

General ElectricMany telecom providers have offered Distributed Antenna System (DAS) & Small Cell Networks as the solution to provide similar wireless capacity over much smaller areas, dramatically increasing the capacity of the overall system, especially in areas of highly concentrated users.  These small cell networks need uninterruptable power and GE Critical Power offers industry-leading power systems and UPS options to power remote cells and keep your distributed network operating even when the power goes out.

Who can benefit from this technology? 

Hospitals and healthcare facilities, stadiums and parks, higher education/campuses, malls and retail spaces, transportation hubs and airports, convention facilities, resorts and casinos often see  large surges of cell phone usage, and must build infrastructure to handle the load.

Ensure that physicians can go from offices to operating rooms without dropped calls, or that sport fans can post their game day experience to connect with fans at home.  Or that public safety is never compromised at airports, malls or in dormitories.

Especially during power outages, people go to their mobile devices first, so to meet consumers’ service expectations, uninterrupted power supply is critical.  Power Solutions is proud to partner with industry leader GE Critical Power to provide you with a solid power foundation for reliable network service from your DAS.  We offer the full line of power solutions for DAS and Small Cell applications .

From the GE Power Express and Slimline Power Systems for small networks, to GE’s Infinity Series for medium and large applications, to outdoor cabinet solutions, we can help you design your system needs at Power Solutions.  Please continue reading below for new high temperature battery products specially designed for applications such as outdoor cabinets where temperature control is limited.  For detailed specifications and configuration assistance, call me at 800-876-9373.

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Advanced Management Capabilities Set a New Standard

DEKA-fahrenheitMaintaining proper temperature and humidity levels in environments such as outdoor cabinets is challenging.  Last year, East Penn responded to market demand for a more rugged VRLA battery by expanding its High Rate Series to include the Deka Fahrenheit.  

Designed to perform when climate control is not optimal, the Deka Fahrenheit series features a breakthrough heat-tolerant VRLA monobloc design that survives up to three times longer in high temperatures – far beyond the life of a normal VRLA battery.  The first battery launched from the Deka® Fahrenheit® family was the HT145ET. and East Penn has now added the Deka HT7500ET to the Fahrenheit line. The HT145ET and HT7500ET are heat tolerant VRLA batteries designed to operate continuously at 95° F (35° C) and both come with a 6-year full product warranty. 

For more information about the East Penn Deka Fahrenheit Battery , visit our website, call 800-876-9373.

North Star NSB Red Batteries – Pure Lead for a Long Life

Red-FamilyAnother great power option for the telecommunication network and cabinets or battery banks installed in harsh environments is available from North Star.  The NSB Red Battery® provides exceptionally long float life, even at elevated temperatures. This means huge potential cost savings, due to reduced battery replacement and maintenance.

Using the latest pure lead NSB Red Star Technology®, the new battery is specially designed for telecom backup power applications such as DAS and Small Cell distributed networks, where reliability and long-life are important.

For more information about the NSB Red Batteries , visit our website, call 800-876-9373.