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August, 2015

APC’s New Smart-UPS Online with Advanced Management capabilities and High Efficiency Design

Applications to consider for the APC Smart-UPS Online


The New APC Smart-UPS Online has advanced management capabilities and energy-saving advantages you won’t want to miss.

Oftentimes, innovations in technology mean continuous improvements to product features that provide incremental benefits over the existing products.  Every now and then, a new product comes along that changes the game. Smarter, performance-enhancing, with significant cost savings – APC by Schneider Electric has delivered this game-changing innovation in its new Smart-UPS Online series.

The Smart-UPS Online
The Smart-UPS Online is capable of supporting loads from
5 kVA to 10 kVA in a rack/tower convertible chassis

Product enhancements to the already industry-leading Smart-UPS Online make proper management and maintenance easier than ever – all in a more efficient design.  Among the new features of the Smart-UPS Online:

  • Unity Power Factor All Smart-UPS Online 6kVA and higher have a unity power factor which means a UPS rated at 6kVA provides 6kW of real power output. This 1:1 ratio helps you properly size your purchase, ensuring power to heavy loads without purchasing larger, more expensive units.
  • Intelligent Battery Management – Advanced algorithms dynamically predict and alert you of your battery’s life expectancy, with an intuitive LCD display which indicates the exact month and year for each battery’s replacement. It auto-detects when additional batteries are added and allows for temperature-compensated charging, extending the battery’s life. Now you can accurately forecast the end-of-life of your batteries, saving valuable time and space by eliminating the need to store and service a stock of replacement batteries.
  • VMware-ready with PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS) v4.0
    You can now feel secure in the continuous availability of your virtual infrastructure. Included with the product is APC’s PowerChute Network Shutdown management software, which provides unattended graceful shutdown of network operating systems.  PCNS works with your Distributed Resource Scheduler to automatically migrate servers in the event of a power outage. This ensures your virtual system will stay online as long as possible, giving you the time you need to assess and address the power issue.
  • Additional Features
    Every new Smart-UPS Online comes with an integrated network management card leaving your SmartSlot available for other management accessories such as dry contacts or temperature sensors.- When business-critical systems require runtime in hours, not minutes, the Smart-UPS On-Line can be configured with multiple battery packs to meet aggressive runtime demand.

Read below to learn more about the highly energy-efficient design of these models and to consider certain applications, such as supporting cloud technology and virtualization, or upgrading from Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003.

APC’s introduction of the Smart-UPS Online offers advanced management features that make a compelling case for evaluating and upgrading your power infrastructure. Please contact me to explore making APC’s “Legendary Reliability” and innovative technology work for you.


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energystarEnhanced energy management features translate into tremendous energy savings. The new models come with both online and eco modes. In “green mode”, the UPS achieves an efficiency of at least 97%, which saves utility and cooling costs without compromising performance or reliability.

In addition, unity power means a single UPS can support more equipment and that saves energy, money, and valuable rack space. Nothing is more recognized as a mark of energy efficiency than the EnergyStar label. All of the new Smart-UPS Online 208V models are EnergyStar compliant and when supporting other EnergyStar rated equipment, you will see the overall energy efficiency of your data center increase significantly.

Please contact me for more information about the Smart-UPS Online.


cloud-initiativesEvery day, more of your company’s critical data, applications and processes are living on the cloud. That means your network connection is more important than ever.

INTERNAL BYPASS – APC’s new Smart-UPS Online is a high density, double conversion online UPS with scalable runtime. It is perfect for the task of protecting one’s network connection. The double conversion topology means the UPS has an internal bypass and when it detects a failure with the UPS or battery, it automatically switches over to utility power without dropping the load. So, in the unlikely event there’s a problem with the UPS, instead of losing your network connection, you stay on utility power and have the opportunity to correct the problem without interruption to normal business processes.

VIRTUAL MANAGEMENT – VMware-ready makes the Smart-UPS Online perfect for virtualized environments. You can feel secure in the continuous availability of your virtual infrastructure. By supporting virtual machine migration in virtual cluster environments, virtual machines affected by power disturbances can be migrated to hosts not impacted by the specific UPS event, ensuring the virtual systems stay online as long as possible.

Please contact me for more information about the APC Smart-UPS Online.


windows-server-03With Microsoft’s announcement that it will no longer be supporting Windows Server 2003, you may be migrating your servers and applications to a newer platform. While replacing your legacy equipment running on Windows Server 2003, consider upgrading the UPSs that support your new servers. Technology advances at rapid speed, so while your 2008 UPS with fresh batteries is probably fine, it is not optimized for the demands of today’s equipment. Talk to us about compatibility, to take advantage of newer firmware and other product improvements in the power and cooling infrastructure.

Please contact me for more information about the Smart-UPS Online.