Recharging: when to use Ni-Cd, VRLA or PSOC batteries

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September, 2015

Ni-Cd vs VRLA Batteries, featuring EnerSys PowerSafe

PSOC Batteries, featuring North Star Blue



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The PowerSafe series of nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd/nicad) batteries by EnerSys, is now available at Power Solutions. This type of rechargeable battery is specifically designed to provide exceptionally long life at extreme temperatures.

Long life, coupled with inherent low maintenance requirements makes the PowerSafe Ni-Cd battery series an ideal choice for railroad, utility, renewables, off-grid, telecommunications, UPS, emergency lighting, standby power and complex duty cycle applications.

EnerSys PowerSafe Ni-Cd batteries
EnerSys PowerSafe Ni-Cd batteries are ideal for railroad, utility and off-grid applications.

Ni-Cd Advantages over VRLA

Consider these advantages over other types of rechargeable cells, such as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA):

  • Ni-Cd batteries offer good cycle life and capacity, meaning they can be recharged more times than lead-acid batteries before battery cell failure occurs.
  • They are also less sensitive to overcharging than lead-acid batteries.
  • Ni-Cd batteries deliver good performance at low temperatures, reducing capacity loss and not freezing at subzero temps.
  • The PowerSafe series batteries work well at high discharge rates, with products covering from one second to 100 hours.

Another popular choice in the rechargeable battery category for unstable or off-grid applications is the NorthStar Blue PSOC (Partial State of Charge) battery, featured below.  Which technology is right for you?  Please contact me to discuss your specific needs and which battery series is most suitable.


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FAST RECHARGE with NorthStar Blue Solar Battery Series

NorthStar Blue Solar Batteries are true PSOC (Partial State of Charge) compatible batteries. Performing a full recharge of a battery takes a significant amount of time. A PSOC compatible battery does not require a full recharge every cycle and is therefore much faster and easier to recharge.

NorthStar Blue Batteries are ideal for unstable environments.

The North Star Blue Batteries can be operated for long periods in a partial state of charge (PSOC) whereas a conventional VRLA battery tends to deteriorate quickly when operated in this partial SOC range. Most standard batteries are not PSOC compatible and require full recharge after each discharge to achieve long life.

This makes the NorthStar Blue batteries ideal for demanding environments with very unstable AC power, such as hybrid power systems, renewable energy applications like wind and solar power systems, remote telecom facilities, and other situations that suffer frequent power outages.

In unstable or off-grid applications, such as diesel gensets, frequent discharge and recharging will quickly kill standard batteries, but NSB Blue Batteries will deliver exceptional performance in this type of application, thanks to their PSOC compatibility.

Please contact me for more information about the NorthStar Blue Solar Batteries for telecom.