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Flexible DC Power for Critical Infrastructure

As organizations around the country plan new ways to operate profitably while protecting the safety of staff and customers, one thing is clear. Flexibility is paramount and our immediate future will be a filled with a series of trial and error tests. That includes the power infrastructure. As our customers prepare, and try to predict, their power needs in a post-pandemic setting, we are seeing great demand for workable solutions that provide reliable power for telecommunications, data centers and networks.

DC power has long been discussed as a flexible and affordable option for critical power infrastructure. Power Solutions offers some of the most flexible and scalable DC products available, allowing you to maximize your options as you envision and establish new standards for doing business.

ABB Infinity S
The Infinity S DC Power system is a compact power plant that supports dual voltage (+24V/-48V) operation through the use of a comprehensive range of advanced rectifiers and DC-DC converters. Primary voltage is supported by rectifiers and battery reserve, while secondary voltage is supported by DC-DC converter modules. Primary voltage can be -48V or +24V.

Using 48VDC – 120VAC hot-swappable inverter modules, the inverter systems are scalable and field upgradable. The TSI technology eliminates the static transfer switch, the single point of failure in a traditional inverter design.

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