Customized Virtual Product and Service Training Opportunities

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Customized Virtual Product and Service Training Opportunities

Organizations and their personnel all over the world have had to adapt in our rapidly evolving workplace. In the case of many of our vendor partners, that has meant service team members, that are generally on the road, have their trucks parked at home while facilities remain partially, or completely closed and onsite service work is on hold. These sidelined technical experts are making the most of their time by offering customized virtual training to their partners.

As a vendor-neutral reseller, Power Solutions has access to a variety of power related training resources – UPS and AC power, DC power and telecom, switchgear and gray space, or remote monitoring and building automation. Our vendors have offered the time and talents of their
technical sales and service team to help you expand your knowledge base.

Some vendors are offering standard curriculum that we can share with our customers, while others are willing to do personalized, custom training sessions on the topic of your choice. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn more about? We can connect you to an industry expert that can help.

For more information about our Customized Virtual Product and Service Training Opportunities, call 800-876-9373.

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