IT Budgets are Tight; IT Demand is Surging

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IT Budgets are Tight; IT Demand is Surging

At no point in 2020 has the future seemed so uncertain. It’s clear that the effects of the pandemic will not be short-term, and the urgency of the response is only increasing as our country fights to get the virus under control.
CIOs are under intense pressure to deliver more with less money. Some are even facing greater IT demand while their tech budgets are being cut. Today more than ever, technology plays a vital role in business survival and success.

In every business sector, we see priorities shifting from speed-to-market to safety and resiliency. Business leaders are worried less about product competitiveness and more about business sustainability. For IT organizations facing budget cuts, some will minimize investments while prioritizing operations that simply keep business running.

The backbone of your IT deployment is the critical power infrastructure. Without it operating at peak reliability, business operations are at risk. To help navigate the tension between cost cutting and critical investments, we offer a variety of infrastructure modernization services that help maintain reliability and power availability. By significantly prolonging the useful life of your equipment, UPS or Switchgear modernization is an excellent alternative to larger, capital projects.

Our vendor partners are pricing these services aggressively making them more affordable than you may expect.

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