Price Increase for Schneider Electric Services Coming in November

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Price Increase for Schneider Electric Services Coming in November

Schneider Electric has announced a price increase for all services starting on November 1st, 2020. If you have been putting off a UPS battery or capacitor replacement, or have a factory service plan that is due for renewal before the end of the year, now is the time to move forward.
From now until November, Schneider Electric is offering attractive discounts for UPS modernization services such as battery and capacitor replacements and the Modular Power Revitalization Service (MPRS).

Guidelines for modernization:
UPS Batteries – replace every 3-5 years
UPS Capacitors – replace every 5-7 years
MPRS – recommended 8-10 years after installation
UPS Lifespan – 10-12 years for 3-Phase, 7-10 years for single-phase

Did you know – we can co-terminate factory service plans to coincide with your fiscal year?

As you budget for 2021 and beyond, contact your Power Solutions specialist to review the current state of your equipment and plan for the future. Some manufacturers are enforcing factory service term limits and many models are going end of life in the coming years.

For more information about modernization or help planning services and/or replacements for the fiscal year, call 800-876-9373, ext. 711, or send me an email.

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