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Global instability often means an increase in cyber-attacks. Any piece of equipment connected to the network can be a point of entry for malicious code. Protecting the security of the network starts with identifying these potential points of vulnerability.
An often overlooked network connection is UPS equipment and other connected devices in your power infrastructure, such as PDUs. While many are connected with network management cards that already offer a degree of security from outside threats, they are not 100% hacker-proof. Even less secure, are the more basic network connections that don’t include a network management card.
Cybersecurity is top of mind for most major UPS manufacturers. As protections from unwanted access to your network are evolving rapidly, most major manufacturers offer firmware upgrades that enhance the security features of your UPS equipment.
We recommend regularly checking your network-connected UPS equipment for firmware upgrades. Below is a list of links that can help you find updates that may be available for your equipment.
For equipment not included in the above list, we recommend an Internet search for either the specific part number for your UPS or other power equipment. If you aren’t sure of the exact part number, do a search for the manufacturer’s firmware upgrade site using a specific search term such as, “APC Smart-UPS Firmware Upgrade”. Before downloading any software, confirm you are on the manufacturer’s website and not a third party site.
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