Schneider Electric Uniflair Rack Mounted Cooling for Micro Data Centers

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Uniflair Rack Mount Cooling is the newest close-coupled cooling solution from Schneider Electric, and the optimal choice for both new and retrofit Micro Data Centers. 

The predictable and hands-free design fits discretely into a micro data center rack, making the new Uniflair Rack Mount the best choice for cooling your Edge IT equipment.
Edge data centers can be located anywhere: in a wiring closet or server room, an office, a retail establishment, or in a harsh outdoor environment. Today’s computing demands require high-density IT racks and those racks require more targeted and reliable cooling than standard building HVAC systems can provide. 
Additionally, Edge installations are usually deployed in tight spaces requiring a compact footprint, making dedicated rack mount cooling an ideal solution.
The Schneider Electric Uniflair rack mount cooling system offers precise temperature control and is powerful enough to cool most single racks. The Uniflair rack mount installs and integrates quickly and simply, is designed for 24/7 operation, and offers continuous and automatic modulation of fan and compressor speed to match rack airflow requirements.

Benefits of Uniflair Rack Mounted Cooling

  • Continuous control – With infinitely adjustable capacity modulation and active response controls, Uniflair rack mounted provides temperature control within 1°C.
  • High adaptability – at 5U, it discretely fits into the bottom of virtually any rack, is easily installed, and produces low sound.
  • Smart Manageability – Immediate start-up, automatic assist for low load, protection alarms and Modbus 485 communication make managing cooling at unmanned sites easy.

Your small data center and edge applications require a cooling system that is efficient, resilient, and flexible. For more information about the Uniflair Rack Mount cooling system, call 800-876-9373.