Micro Data Centers: Non-Traditional Indoor IT Space Solution

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Micro Data CenterA Micro Data Center is a solution to the continued growth of The Edge, and the demand for more networking and compute power, that has many organizations scrambling to find space for more IT infrastructure. In today’s world, where IT equipment needs to be deployed just about anywhere, computing and networking gear may be installed under a desk, in a closet, or on a manufacturing floor. Often, this means IT equipment must perform in office space or gray space that hasn’t been optimized.

A Micro Data Center is a fast, easy-to-deploy, and cost-effective solution to build and create tenable IT space in harsh, industrial, or remote locations. They combine power, cooling, physical security, and management software into pre-packaged rack solutions that allow for quick deployment and responsiveness. The enclosures can be equipped to protect equipment from dust, moisture, temperature changes, security challenges, and humidity.
EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers, by Schneider Electric, offer complete IT infrastructure within a stand-alone enclosure providing compact IT capability for spaces where there is no dedicated infrastructure for critical business applications. These Micro Data Centers make the most of your limited space and are ideal for network closets, gray space, and satellite offices.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Center Features

  • Pre-engineered and factory assembled
  • Simple and fast deployment
  • Protect critical data
  • Minimize latency
  • Designed for a range of applications from IT space to harsh industrial, indoor environments
For more information about the range of micro data center solutions, and their unique capabilities, call 800-876-9373.

Power Quality Best Practices

Non-Traditional IT spaces can experience common power quality problems more frequently than traditional data center space and these changes in power quality can have far reaching consequences for your facility, equipment, and uptime. For more in-depth information, see our Common Power Problems and Solutions Whitepaper.