UPS System Rental: Minimize the Effect of Long Lead Times

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UPS System Rental

UPS system rental provides interim back-up power and keeps projects moving while waiting for the final equipment delivery. Renting, once an option that was only used on rare occasion, is increasing in popularity out of pure necessity.
Lead times for three-phase UPS equipment are stretching to 30 weeks, 40 weeks or even 60 weeks or more. Many of our customers aren’t able to wait that long to upgrade aging UPS equipment.  To accommodate the lengthy lead times, we have started incorporating UPS system rentals into some of our turnkey UPS replacement projects. 
Whether a facility needs a single or multiple three-phase UPS systems, containerized UPS systems, or an external UPS trailer with heating and cooling, Power Solutions, LLC can source the best solution for your current needs. As a vendor neutral supplier of back-up power and cooling systems for IT and data centers, we are experts in the field and will work with you to get the right solution, regardless of manufacturer, to ensure that your business has the reliable back-up power it needs.

UPS System Rental

  • Monthly Rental Fee (3 month minimum)
  • Installation Services are available
  • Startup by a factory trained technician to ensure that your system is up and running
  • Freight to and from your facility
For more information about our UPS System Rental, call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].