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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software

DCIMData Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a software solution for managing data center infrastructure and the resources it uses.  When properly deployed, Data Center Infrastructure Management can optimize both the physical infrastructure and the operations of a data center.  Bridging this gap between facilities and IT offers a single-screen view of the power and cooling infrastructure and the IT equipment it supports.  Most DCIM solutions are vendor-neutral allowing users to connect equipment regardless of manufacturer.  Additionally, DCIM can typically integrate with Building Management Systems to offer a holistic view of the entire facility.

The value of Data Center Infrastructure Management goes beyond the main data center and into Network Closets and branch offices.  Most devices connected to the network can be connected to DCIM, allowing data center managers visibility into network closets and remote and branch offices.  As trends in IT force more computing to the Edge and more network closets are deployed, managing these remote assets becomes increasingly critical.

Once deployed, Data Center Infrastructure Management software shows data center managers the real-time status of their equipment.  Using SNMP traps, alarms can be forwarded to users via email, text, or phone.  Get alerts when certain events occur such as a UPS going on battery, a battery failure, or a closet with key card access is opened.  When connected with certain censors, Data Center Infrastructure Management can alert you when the temperature or humidity in certain areas goes outside set parameters. Data Center Infrastructure Management is a proven tool to help Facilities and IT remotely monitor and manage their equipment.  With real-time, centralized information, you can increase uptime by seeing potential problems before they develop.  You can save money and increase efficiency by identifying stranded capacity.

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