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November, 2015

New! Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services for UPS, Switchgear, and Telco

EnerSys wet cell batteries for UPS and Switchgear applications now available




Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services for UPS, Switchgear, and Telecommunications Applications

You don’t have time to worry about the reliability of your back-up power systems.  VRLA and wet cell batteries are known for their reliability, but they can also become potential points of failure if ignored.  However, with regular battery preventive maintenance services, you can see potential problems long before they develop.

Power Solutions is pleased to offer comprehensive battery maintenance programs for flooded and VRLA batteries regardless of manufacturer.  The Power Solutions Battery Preventive Maintenance service includes:

  • Quarterly or semi-annual visits in accordance with IEEE standard 450
  • Complete periodic maintenance performed by trained service technicians
  • Battery, charger, and cell inspections
  • Handling equipment, rack and cabinet evaluation
  • Actionable, detailed reports and recommendations
  • Customer training available

In addition to battery preventive maintenance services, we also offer complete battery replacement services including removal and disposal.  These services are available for any UPS, switchgear, or telecommunications applications within the continental United States.

I encourage you to take an inventory of the power systems in your facility that are supported by VRLA or wet cell batteries.  Regular maintenance will help remove potential points of failure and will help accurately estimate when a battery replacement will be required.  For assistance developing a battery maintenance and replacement plan, please contact me.


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Power Solutions expands battery product line to include wet cells

Enersys Datasafe CXWet cell batteries are known for their long design life and unprecedented reliability. Popular in large UPS and switchgear applications, wet cells offer long duration back up power in a small footprint.

Power Solutions has expanded our EnerSys product line to include the DataSafe CX, DX/DXC, and ES batteries.  Each designed for a specific switchgear or UPS application, this complete line of wet cell batteries is available now from Power Solutions.

The most notable features of the EnerSys DataSafe wet cells:

  • High integrity Slide-Lock post seal design
  • 100% initial capacity
  • Designed for UPS applications (CX and DX/DXC)
  • Designed for switchgear applications (ES)
  • High watts per cell in a compact footprint
  • Manufactured in the US

Please contact me for more information about the EnerSys DataSafe CX, EnerSys DataSafe DX/DXC, and EnerSys DataSafe ES

Stay tuned for what’s new in 2016 – VaultFlex premium battery cabinets!