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Below are recommended replacements for Power Battery VRLA UPS Batteries and Power Battery Telcom Batteries.  Please note these recommendations are based on general specifications and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the replacement battery meets the requirement.

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Power Battery Cross Reference – VRLA Batteries
Power Battery Part Number C&D Technologies Deka/East Penn EnerSys Northstar
TC-1225 UPS12-100MR U1HR1500 12HX100
TC-1235L UPS12-100MR U1HR1500 12HX135
TC-1250S UPS12-150MR 45HR2000 12HX205
TC-1255S UPS12-210MR 45HR2000 12HX205
TC-1265S UPS12-300MR HR3000 12HX300
TC-1290S UPS12-300MR HR3000 12HX300
TC-12100S UPS12-350MR HR3500 12HX330
TC-12120S UPS12-400MR HR4000 12HX400 NSB 12-425
TC-12150S UPS12-490MR HR5500 12HX505 NSB 12-540
TC-6200S UPS6-620MR
TC-6225S UPS6-620MR
Power Battery Cross Reference – Telcom Batteries
Power Battery Part Number
TL-1230 TEL 12-30 12AVR-30
TL-1245 TEL 12-45 12AVR-40
TL-1250 TEL 12-70 12AVR-75
TL-1270 TEL 12-70 12AVR-75
TL-1280 TEL 12-90 12AVR-90 NSB 90
TL-1295 TEL 12-105 12AVR-100 NSB 90
TL-12120 TEL 12-105 12AVR-130 NSB 125
FT-1290 12V92F NSB 92FT
FT-1295 TEL12-105 12AVR-100ET 12V100F NSB 100FT
FT-12100 TEL12-105 12AVR-100ET 12V101F NSB 100FT
FT-12105 TEL12-160 12AVR-145ET 12V155F NSB 110FT
FT-12160 TEL12-170 12AVR-150ET 12V170F NSB 170FT
FT-12170 TEL12-170 12AVR-170ET 12V190F NSB 170FT