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DataSafe 12HX505

Enersys Datasafe hx BatteriesEnerSys DataSafe 12HX505 batteries deliver superior performance, occupying less space than conventional standby power batteries. This range of valve regulated lead acid batteries has been designed to offer superior solutions for the UPS and IT markets. The minimal level of gas evolution allows battery installation in cabinets or on stands, in offices or near mail equipment, maximizing space utilization and reducing storage and maintenance costs.

EnerSys DataSafe 12HX505 Specifications

  • 12 volt, 119 AH
  • Dimensions: 13.3 L x 6.8 W x 10.7 H
  • Weight: 103.0 pounds
  • Terminal Type: Threaded Receptacle

EnerSys DataSafe 12HX505 Specifications

  • Normal operating temperature range -22F/-30C to 122F/50C
  • Float charging voltage 2.25 – 2.28 Volts per cell at 77F/25C
  • Charging current – can be safely recharged at high current rates
  • Flame retardant case and cover meet UL 1778


  • AGM separators – the electrolyte is completely absorbed into the separator
  • High performance brass threaded receptacle for maximum conductivity and ease of installation
  • Increased energy density
  • Computer optimized electrochemistry for increased power up to the 15 minute rate
  • 100% initial battery capacity


  • UL Listing File No MH12544
  • Manufactured to EnerSys standards in ISO 9001 registered production facilities worldwide
  • Approved for shipping as non-hazardous, non-spillable

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