Price Increases and Longer Lead Times

We know it is frustrating to continually hear about global supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. The unfortunate reality is that these challenges are ongoing for our manufacturer partners with no relief in the foreseeable future. The soaring price of lead, raw material shortages for critical components such as plastics and sheet metal, and reduced […]

Modernize your Symmetra PX 80kW Before it Goes End of Life

End of Life Announcement for the APC Symmetra PX 80kW APC by Schneider Electric has announced the APC Symmetra PX 80kW will be end of life on 12/31/21. That means after this year, comprehensive service plan coverage with the Advantage Ultra will no longer be available and spare parts inventory will not be guaranteed. However, […]

The Value of Unbiased Advice

A Conversation Can Go A Long Way At Power Solutions, we offer the variety of a large distributor with the customer service of a boutique reseller. We work closely with our customers, offering a single point of contact through the entire project, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. Some things can’t be taken care […]

Rack Cooling Solutions for High-Density Edge Computing

Rack Cooling Solutions for High-Density Edge Computing Rack density increases, driven by the need for more computing power in less space, require more intelligent cooling. As racks find their way out of temperature-controlled data centers and into gray spaces for edge applications, rack cooling is making this non-traditional IT space possible. Vertiv offers thermal management […]

Alpha Outdoor and Industrial UPS Systems

Alpha Outdoor and Industrial UPS Systems UPS systems are used in a variety of applications beyond IT – including remote edge computing, power to telecom networks, traffic and railroad signals, sensors and monitoring equipment, and building security. These rugged applications include a broad range of environments. Operating temperatures need to be evaluated carefully, as do […]

Preparing Network and Power Infrastructure for 5G

Preparing Network and Power Infrastructure for 5G There has been much discussion about 5G and the network speed and capacity it will bring to just about every facet of our lives. As exciting as wi-fi speed on a cellular network is, widespread 5G deployment presents telecom operators and the enterprises they support a huge challenge […]

Lessons Learned From the Texas Blackouts

Lessons Learned From Texas Blackouts Whether it’s blizzards, hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, flooding, or deep freezes, chances are your building has some vulnerability to natural disasters. Power Solutions offers comprehensive assessment services of the entire power infrastructure from the building mains, to the generator, through the data center, to each PDU. A thorough assessment will identify […]

Schneider Electric Galaxy 3-Phase UPS

Schneider Electric Galaxy Series: High Efficiency 3-Phase Power Protection in a Compact Footprint In the past few years, Schneider Electric has completely revamped its Facilities 3-Phase UPS offering. The new Galaxy UPS equipment is more efficient, more compact, more versatile, and more resilient than its predecessors. Key features of the Galaxy Series include: Efficient – […]

Switchgear Monitoring and Modernization Services

Increase Power System Reliability with Switchgear Monitoring and Modernization Services The ATS and switchgear are probably the most overlooked components of a building’s power system. Tucked away in the electrical room, these critical power systems often go months or even years before they are inspected or maintained. Gain instant visibility into the health and reliability […]

Happy Holidays From Power Solutions

Happy Holidays From Power Solutions Power Solutions would like to wish you, your colleagues, and your families a Happy Holiday season. We appreciate being your trusted partner for power and cooling products and services. We look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond. Stay safe and be well,Molly Lacerte800-876-9373, ext.711Email: [email protected]

CARES Act Provides Tax Incentives to Upgrade your Power and Cooling Equipment

CARES Act Provides Tax Incentives to Upgrade your Power and Cooling Equipment The 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stability (CARES) Act allows a full deduction of certain project costs in a single year, without limitation on the size of the project. This tax incentive aims to assist critical facilities in the modernization, upgrade, or […]

Budgeting and Planning for 2021

Price Increase for Schneider Electric Services Coming in November As we move into the fourth quarter of 2020, and many of us look forward to putting this unique year behind us, it’s time to budget and plan for 2021. Of the many lessons from 2020, nothing has been more clear – technology plays a vital […]